The Wakecaster

Ship – The Wakecaster

(Former) Captain “Ash” Ashling Freewind – Deceased captain and mother of Kalin and Iryani.

Captain Kalin “Yurei” Freewind – Cunning and violent half-elf and Iryani’s half brother (shared mother) he strove to make a name for himself as the scourge of the seas. His reputation preceded him on that fateful day that the ship was razed and crew attacked by the Justacars. (Yurie is the Japanese word for ghost or spirit due to his pale complexion (from that image you found for him) and the east Asian inspiration for the elven lands in Arma.)

“Bossman” Jossman – (human) Bosun. Gruff and humourless, this heavy-set man was brought aboard under Kalin’s leadership and is loyal to the Captain.

“Deadeye” Daerrik – (dwarf) crewman. A tinkerer and gun collector, he kept much of the crew abreast of the workings of firearms, such as they were at the time. He took Kalin under his wing when he showed a lot of interest in his hobby and was a father figure much of Kalin’s life.

Eagle and Hawk – (elves) crewman/lookout. Twins aboard the Wakecaster, raised in a tribe of primitives and brought aboard as lookouts, if they have other names they do not speak them. They’re rather curt and generally stick to their assigned tasks without distraction. Their loyalty lies with the captain of the ship, no matter who wears the mantle.

Alcot Willhelm – (human) crewman. Ratted out Kalin to the Justacars and was killed as a criminal for his troubles.

Sky- After the death of Hector and the loss of her home Sky drifted in the city for a time until crossing paths with Kalin. Kalin needed someone with arcane powers to activate his new cannon and Sky needed a home and structure. She has quickly made a place for her self by Kalins side much to the glares of the rest of the crew.

The Wakecaster

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