In character cursing, insults and slang


  • “By the shriveled sack of Vecna”
  • “You prattle like the five voices of Nim”

Free Cities

  • “8 asses” reference to the 8 faced God.
  • “Off on the eight” – A phrase meaning pleased or happy. It originated as “getting off on the eight tongues” and through usage over time was shortened to its current form. Although largely considered a crude statement it has found use, or perhaps misuse, among the middle-upper class, particularly stay-at-home parents unaware of its origin. Such people generally say “offa the eight”, further distancing it from the original turn of phrase.
    Example: “Jimmy was looking mighty offa the eight last night. Think he had a bit of luck at the tables?”


  • “Blood and ashes”- reference to the night of golden sky’s. Expression of anger
    "Did you lose the whole take Jimmy? Blood and ashes! That would of paid rent for 2 season’s.
  • “Chin up Azzey” ,references the Azure king. "Don’t be so sad.


  • “Limp wand” or “Wands gone limp” is a reference to arcane casters failing to use magic or running out of spells. It is generally used to express displeasure at someone who is being useless or being otherwise unhelpful.
    Example: “By the 8 asses Willy, will you lend a hand here?! What’s wrong with you, has your wand gone limp?!”

In character cursing, insults and slang

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