The City by the Sea

Bob the Unbending
Its raining Clerics... hallelujah?


So… a few months back I wrote to the Order. I told them about the oppression in this city and the strife that the common folk suffered. I told them that I was trying to help this city but with so few allies it was hard and I asked for help.

I didn’t really have an idea of how that request would be answered. I know that the day I was made a champion of the order was… unconventional so I didn’t expect much. A few coin, a small supply chest maybe an adviser . I didn’t expect this.

On Arcanieym 5th Robert ( now Bishop) the Unbending arrived at our island with a troop of over 50 men and and women to build a base of operation for the order. His aid, a Cleric of Arma Abbot Nial Cooper has been speaking with us as well. He seems a little stiff but looks like a good man. Perhaps he has been on the road with Robert too long.

I remember Robert from when I was a kid at the Orders training center. Wiles and me would offer try to sneak extra food or loaf off on our duties and were often caught by Roberts stern eye and switch. Even as I came into being a young man I didn’t see eye to eye with him. I know that rules and discipline have their place now but Robert has no compassion or pity. If we try to replace one tyranny with another we will fail the people here. We need to do better than just rule of law… but that is a good place to start.

Oh and they did bring me a sick new set of armor. I can’t wait to test it out.

And then Shotakayala showed up.

Runaway Carriage
(never comin back...)

So we finally heard from Linda Longdocks, after many trips to the docks dealing with cranky beard man. We decided to send her a letter directly through Samuel. She acknowledged our work and is waiting for ships to make it through to prove we actually solved the problem. With a day or two of downtime, I decided to apply my trade for a while and earn some gold to help out with expenses. Iriani has been busy watching over that stupid armour she brought back from the icky dark place we went to. I can’t wait to get rid of it. Makes my fur stand on end.

Anyways, we were minding our own business hanging out in the market, when suddenly this carriage with a dead guy start barrelling down the street out of control. I used my kitty like reflexes to get onto the carriage. Iriani and Cyrus manage to get on too. Cyrus tried to control the horses, while Iriani tried to loose the horses by shooting things with magic. I quickly went to work on the mechanism attaching the horses to the carriage and got them loose. When I looked up, Cyrus had grown enormous and was able to grapple the horses to a halt. We managed to stop the carriage without too many injuries.

Conveniently it turns out that the carriage belonged to none other than Elizabeth Silversands. She invited us to her very fancy house for tea and snacks. We must of made a good impression because we were invited to her daughter’s birthday party and we get to wear fancy clothing. We got measured by professionals and everything. I guess we also need to act as bodyguards while we’re there…but FANCY PARTY!!! I wonder how many nobles with deep pockets will be there….

I Get Knocked Down, But I Get up Again

So, I’m writing this by whatever moonlight I can get through the windows of my warehouse because of this stupid armour. The stupid armour I dragged all the way from the frigging blight that’s so cursed, I’ve had to put it in a metal box that I’m sitting on right now in the dead of night to make sure it doesn’t open up before I get a chance to dump it in the ocean. I should back up a bit.

So, we came home after obliterating some horrible monstrous experiments, and taking everything of value that they’d been holding from their poor, poor victims. A lot of neat stuff but I think we’ll have to pawn most of it to pay for all the brain damage we took when those monsters screamed. Vesper was extra insufferable for the rest of the night and Milah… Slept slightly more than usual. The next morning, it was Lamont wound up selling the stuff while I babysat this circus. Well, Syrus was about normal, I guess, but he’s got a pretty constant “fish out of water” thing going so it’s hard to tell.

Anyway, one trip the the temple of the Eight-Faced God got us all fixed up and we scattered. Milah and I tried to track down Linda Longdock again but she wasn’t around again and the cranky bearded guy was about as helpful as before. I should probably learn his name, people like that. We headed more or less home after that to a quiet night by the fire. It was kind of nice having everyone there, even if we were all doing our own thing.

The next day we met with our lawyer, got him to send another letter of introduction to the Silversands’ and, well, to jog Linda’s memory on our arrangement. We paid him for the next month, but talking about getting the families on board with our plan reminded us that we need an actual plan. We still have to figure out what we’re going to even replace the Justicars with if we get this thing off the ground, and speaking of the Justicars, Milah’s guild really came through spying on them. We have a list of two reasonable people and a bunch of people who are all terrible in different ways. I guess some of them might be fine if they aren’t being led around by the greedy ones but it’s a depressing list either way.

We headed back the Queen’s Fire for lunch when we met the travelling merchant again, the one we met through Uncle Allan from months ago. Ja’rah, or something, and by Vil’deis’ seeping headwound, I swear that he and Pavel are old friends! I thought they were gonna throw down the way they reacted to each other but I guess I’ll have to wait for that particular show. Ja’rah expects to be in and out of town a lot over the next few months which will hopefully prove useful once we can get some cash. Magic stuff doesn’t come cheap, based on how expensive this book I’m struggling through is.

Well, the end of the month snuck up on me so I had to go check in with Father Harvey at the temple of Eight-Face about that suit of armour I took from the blight. He can’t do anything about it, which I guess is fine, but he put it in a crate about a day and half ago so I had no idea what state it was in. He had two jobs and the easy one was “smash bones every few hours”! It’s a miracle we didn’t have half of a skeleton samurai in there, so we took it to Von Roshak who suggested we drop the thing to the bottom of the a metal box. One metal box, a length of chain, and a few dozen rocks later, and we’ve got a heavy fucking box, full of cursed armour and rocks ready for a one way trip to the ocean blue. As soon as my ship gets back.

So here I am, keeping an eye on this thing because apparently I’m the only one not afraid of it. Guess I’m sleeping out here for a while.

Vesper’d better not mess with my stuff.

Barbarian Journal #1
Writing wasn't a required skill in the mountians

First entry by Cyrus Ari – BloodRager

It was a long journey in the Elven lands. The Blight is as horrible as the tails describe. That place will be hunting my dreams for some time. We were lucky to walk out of there alive.

After returning to Vessy’s benifactor’s house, there interactions seemd to be tense but not overly hostile. Vessy was allowed to keep her skin after devlivering some books. Who knew that books could make people so happy. I will have to keep my eye open for some book, and maybe I can give enimeys a book instead of the good end of my axe.

Kitty and I deciced to take the elven paintings we found in the blight, to an art dealer in the city and see if we could sell it. It is nice to have Kitty coming along, she is nice and always looks out for me in the big city. We managed to sell the painting at a good price and Kitty gave me the paper to take to the bank so we can collect the gold. This was an okay arrangement, at least kitty didn’t skim some off the top for her orfanage.

Back at the Island house everyone seemed to need some alone time. The truth circle had taken a heavy toll on everyone but I think it will work out in the end. Everyone knows about me and my ansetry now and they haven’t run me out of town yet. I hope I can stay longer this time. The last farm I lived at was burnt to the ground. I will not let that happen to my new home. I took up sparing with Lamb-mot. He has gotten stronger after the trials in the blight. I wanted to ask him about his friends that were coming to help with the “JustaCarts”. But it looks like he wasn’t in a talking mood, judging buy the bruises I received every time I asked. After a while of smashing, a funny little man came into the gym to deliver friendship books. It was so nice. Now I can present a book to make a tense situation better. Wow this place is amazing. Some day I should learn how to read these book and then maybe I can just talk to people and not need to carry a friendship book around. I hear these book maybe worth some money, so maybe I can sell the smelly ones and keep some of the pretty ones.

Blue lady was off to check on her ship down at the docs and took the cursed Armour with her. Maybe she can fix it and cast out the evil spirit that lives in the armour. Her magic is so strong and it seems to have no limits on what she can do.

The next day we all went into town to do some Shopping. Kitty came with me to look out for me again and to make sure I don’t get swingaled. I got the most bueatifull Dark wood bow ever made. Next time those flying death crows won’t ascape me so easily.

Blue Lady took off at some point and she had her bag of Armour. I guess she was able to cast out the evil spirit and is off to sell the armour. On her way back she ran into an old friend of hers and went to check out this undergound part of the city. After she found us and told us about the undercity she said there was some large monster down there. I asked what they were and she had to go back for another look. I didn’t really understand what everyone was saying about the monster but they mentoned Drow. I am not too sure what that is but judging by everyones expresion this wasn’t a good word. With evil near, I will be ready to help stomp it out. At that point we decied that we need Lamb-mot to help us with these creature. With all of us working together we can save the city. I can smell the reward money, when the whole city hears about our glorieus deeds on display this day.

It was a hard fought battle with these terrors. They were a grotessk mockery of humans. It looked almost as if their flesh was warped by some dark and sadisctic force. If this is what is meant buy drow then I can see why people were not happy to have them so close. After we put the poor creatures out of their mistery, Vessy & Kitty started acting oddly. I hope they didn’t catch any drow from the creatures. I would hate to see them all misshapen like those creatures. I will have to keep an eye one them and let Lamb-mot know if they show any signs of drow. I do wonder how these creatures ended up in our undercity?

After a search of the area we found more bodies hanging on the wall and some kind of torture studio of some mad artist. The bodies were mostly human but showing the signs of drow. I hope we find this artist so that we can have words and there is no way I will be giving him one of my friendship books.

We collected some valuables and headed back up to the surface. We will be back undercity to see what wonders and horrors that live under us all.

Living Dead Girl

So I stood in the tent, face to face with Shataka-Yala who likely is thinking about her survival as much as I was considering my own. She blocked herself off with a wall of stone as she waited for her bloody bear skeletons to devour us, little did she know Milah and I were climbing to strike her. We jumped in to confront her finding two flying monsters in with her.

A blade barrier chewed through the stone wall as the last of the bears fell to the ground. Shataka-Yala was much more powerful than I expected. She wrecked us then left.

We fought amongst ourselves, yelling and screaming. Right before Lamont was getting ready to attack me, Cyrus decided to make us have a sharing circle – proving yet again that Iryani is a whore. I’m not sure exactly the intent of Cyrus but it seems as though he managed to calm us down. We decided to return the Free Cities and Von Rushak, to our luck – Rushak wanted the research more than Shataka-Yala.

Back to home sweet home.

Hole in the Earth

Opening the doors to the last chamber felt of death. The surge of negative energy from our goal felt like it took years off my life. A black chestnut sized stone sits on a pedestal – surely that was our goal. Across from the door, the master of the dojo meditates. He would not budge on giving up the stone so we entered. Fuji, the master’s choice fighter, began first. The monk was nimble and difficult to strike. Cyrus crushed Fuji with his ax.

The master was disgusted with the fight, blamed us for everything and attacked us. Shataka-Yala focused her power to save us from the effects of the stone so we could fight him however the battle went horribly starting out as the master seemed impossibly difficult to damage. As the fight went on we slowly eroded whatever was protecting him. After a grueling fight, I put the monster down, we gather our treasures and left.

We woke the next day with Mummy Rot it will take time to heal but we have time as the walk will take several days. The dead avoid us on the way out.

Upon return, Pavel informed us of strange ongoings at the camp. What seems to be large graves, a lack of food and magically sealed boxes. We spoke and decided to leave it be. Shataka-Yala waited to the evening to let us know that she’d only be able to heal one of us an evening. Iryani went first – I decided to wait till the next night.

… Shatakayala did not like my deal.

Ghost in the Walls

After licking our wounds, we entered the courtyard which was in immaculate condition considering what we have seen thus far. Milah decided the sand artistry was her litter apparently so I turned my attention to the statue of the three gods to avoid the impoverished behavior.

Sobbing from the corner of the courtyard got the attention of Lamont. Revenants, they attacked us screaming about imperials. The battle is hazy as I took too many blows but I remember Lamont fell and was brought back to life.

Next, we were confronted in a dojo. After realizing the zombie monks wish one on one combat, Lamont and Cyrus stepped forward. However, Iryani, the idiot, broke the code of the monks and they attacked us.

Defeating the monks we move to the room just before the pagoda. In an attempt to test the three skeleton worshippers of the gods, Iryani decided to disrupt undead, again… like an idiot. We ended up fighting them, and their shadows. Surprise, surprise. It was terrible slugging out.

All Nightmare Long

We left, unrested, the next morning. We entered into the actual blast zone – it is dead and barren. Everything is brittle and mummified from the lack of moisture. Our Barbarian grasped a bit of wood and it crumbled in his hands.

We reached the base camp with little issue. Shotakayala has a room that is furnished as a remote research zone. In the distance a group of adventures camped. Concerned for their well-being we approached them. Greg, their leader, was cautious of us but heeded our suggestions of hiding their fire. Iryani spoke about hiring them but we decided against it as bringing them to their death would be unfortunate. The night was quiet and uneventful.

The temple was of an elven make; two statues – one focused to the ground and the other focused to the sky – was surrounded by mummies which we dredged through slowly.

The entrance awaits…

Viking Death March

The night was wrought with terrible noise. An army of elven undead, sought to end us and it almost did.

I broke off to deal with our flankers, to my surprise they had shadow wolves in wait to defend themselves. My allies were better off for a time until an Undead Samurai swooped down on a Zombie Griffin. He challenged Lamont and Lamont did not survive. Our Cardinal ally breathed life back into him.

The army was defeated but the damage we took and the effort we expended was high.

Desperate and Ravenous - I'm so Weak and Powerless

Doing my hair in the morning has become a chore. It may be the most difficult thing to do one handed I’ve found up to this point. I can’t put up living this way, so making a deal with Rushak to get my arm back made sense. It seems that my acquaintances are for the idea of doing it, though I’m pretty sure Iryani is just doing it for herself. I’ll make sure to ask Cardinal Shotaka-Yala specific include her so that she doesn’t complain. A small price to pay I guess.

Rushak’s teleportation spell did the trick as expected; traveling us to the elven lands. Again my hair has frizzed do to his over use of theatrics, hopefully no one noticed before I fixed it – can’t go around looking like a commoner.

Gathering information here had it’s ups and downs. The shop keep was – to say the least – not overly helpful but the use of his made none the less was helpful but it was the guards who helped out the most, surprisingly. We traveled out with that weeks supplies to Cardinal Shotaka-Yala’s camp.

The Cardinal was as I expected. Calm yet mildly agitated by the news I brought. Not shocking as her own mark had grown substantially. Convincing her to help us was a simple task, and not shockingly she requested us to do a task for her in return. As a temporary measure she gave Iryani and I a ghost version of both our impairments so we could be better prepared.

The next day we traveled into the blight in search of the Blight Heart Shard. The first days travel was fairly uneventful but the night will be very apparently.


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