The City by the Sea

A time to rest and reflect

With the hunt for Kol over The party brought The information they learned to Uncle Allen. They had learned that Hector has a small home on a island 2 miles up the south coast from the city wall. Also that Hector’s left had was a women by the name of Sky. It seems she found and Imperial Spell book and seems to think she is a wizard because of it and often is found with Hector. During this conversation Vesper boldly informed everyone that she bore the Mark of Cain, A strange curse that seems to have no cure. At this Uncle Allen dismissed the rest of the party and had a private chat with Vesper.

With a few days to them self the party went their own ways for short time. Milah began training to improve her endurance, Iryani visited her departed friend on the island of Dust and Ash, Vesper learned a little about the Lower City and Lamont fell into a bottle.
On one of these days while the party gathered for brunch, they witnessed the Justacars arresting a large number of Crazy people that seems to have gathered on Allen street. The party was informed that they would most likes be sold off to the silver sands for work in the mines.
On one of these days while asking around the docks about ship prices, Iryani’s Brother found her. It was a awkward and warmish reunion. Kalin was quick to enlist the help of the Iryani to free their mothers ship from the Justices.

The Barrow

Concerned that not following Kol into the Barrows would result in never being able to find him again the party bravely ( for the most part ) moved in to the wreckage that made by the night of golden skies. The Blood trail being left by Kol came to a quick end where evidence of healing potions were used as well as a short note asking the party to “Fak aff”

The trail at this point became harder to follow but Reginald was able to sniff him out and keep pace. This unfortunately resulted in the party moving into a wave a week undead moving through the streets. these skeleton were also being followed by a much larger creature that seemed to be using the skeletons to build up its body. The party attacked this creature only to find that it was fiercer then though and not worth the efforts to destroy. they fled the area in hopes to find Kol’s trail again.

After a some hours of looking Kol’s train was found and followed into a small chapel. when moving from the main hall in an anti-chamber Kol triggered a trap causing a small collapse separating the party. Kol Attack Widget and Reginald while they were split from the rest of the party. It was a drawn out and brutal fight which ended in Widgets defeat. The Gnome was Slain and left for the party to find as warning. Kol fled the area to lick his wounds and plan for the next confrontation.

Having received Widget body the party came across some strange crows wearing masks, one leather and one porcine. The party tried to speak with them bit found language to be an issue. Unable to understand the party but still curious as to their requests the crows used a soothing song to control the party and make them walk to where Priest from the Island of Dust and Ash were gathered with a number of Psychopomps. These Catrinas were able to communicant telepathically with the party. Though unable to Widget they offered to take his body back to the island so that it could be put to a proper rest.
The party once again started after Kol. Having lost Kol and the parties best tracker (Reginald) finding the trail proved more difficult than before. While moving through a set of ruins they came across what seemed to be a hiding place for someone. There was a bed and fire pit along with a few meager items. Among the items was a pendent that has once belonged to Milah’s mother. She took it, confused as to how it came to be in this place and what its existence might mean.
After this the party found Kol’s trail and followed him into an old bath house. Kol, not keen on fighting the whole party, woke up a Fleshy, blood hunger blob that had grown in the center pool. With each hit the creature grew greater in size and risked overwhelming the party but in the end the damage they could do outpaced its growth and the creature died.

Kol was proving to be a huge pain in everyone side by this point as they started to hunt him once again. After some time the group came upon a strange seen. A human man, probable in his mid 40’s was sitting at a ruines café chatting with someone ( something?) just out of sight in the shadows. A Women, Obviously an Imperial Magus watching over them. After brief exchange they realized that this was the same Man they has fenced a item too with the aid of the walker brothers several weeks ago. He was now properly Introduced as Meradoth Von Rushak. This being the 3rd time this group has crossed Rushak’s path he decided there might be more to this then chance and offered them the help of his aid Vesper Destern, in their hunt for Kol.
Kol was finally tracked into an old church and trapped in the back of it. Determined to make a final stand he engaged the party. His first at was to disable Milah then move in to attack Lamont. It was around this time that two of the churches Side doors burst in and an gang of ghouls and huecuva attacked.
Kol was quick to offer up a short truce to deal with the undead and with little disagreement from the party, he declared it a done deal. Though Kol was good to his word and fought the creatures until they were all vanquished he did take that opportunity to maneuver himself to and exit so that when the last of the undead dropped he was able to get out.
This didn’t keep the party from continuing the hunt. This time though the tracking was hard nothing came between them and there quarry. The found Kol in an old courthouse, tired but ready for them. Kol lured the party forward which wasn’t hard as Lamont was “Done with this shit” and charged. Milah moved into back up Lamont. Kol, with a smile and coy remark, “ Do you know what the best traps are ? The ones that include yourself” and triggered a explosion on the ceiling and caused a collapse. Milah and Kol were quick enough to escape the debris but Lamont was buried in it. From there things progressed poorly for Kol and he was swiftly defeated.
When Kol woke up he found himself tied to a chair and the last rays of daylight slipping out of the sky. He tried to trick the party into thinking he has escaped with a brooch of Vanishing but it proved less then effective. The party finally got the information from him and disruption turned to what to do with him. A question that Lamont was quick to answer. He declared Kol a murdered and a crook with a soul and black as the coming night. An true example of all that ate away at the cities underbelly. With that, he landed his axe deep in Kols body. After a quiet moment, Lamont declared that he had no guilt with this action and he kicked the body off of his weapon, turned and marched out of the building.

Into the barrows
I see undead people

With little option but to hunt down Kol among the ruins of the barrows, the party mustared it’s self and moved in.

At first the blood trail was easy to follow but it wasn’t long before Kol took a moment to heal himself and leave a short note to the party. (“FAK AFF”). From here the trail became harder to follow but thanks to Reginald, the death crab, the party was able to stay on the trail.


Cleaning up Allen Street
The Man With the Red Right Hand

Having made it back from the Fay, the party returned to what holes they live in and settled in for some needed rest. After a few days Uncle Allan got a hold of the party and informed them that they had a lead on one of the Red Hands’ hideouts. It was a quick fight and netted them information of two more locations that were holding a large number of weapons taken by the Red Hands during their heist. A few allies were procured by Uncle Allen and the eight attacked both locations which in the end turned out to be one long building.

After a whole lot of murder, the party attacked the lone storage shed and fought their way into Kol’s office. He was ready for them and knowing that the fight was not in his favour he negotiated his escape by threatening to detonate the storehouse of black powder in the office and kill everyone.

Iryani was able to extract some information from the survivors, learning about Kols role within the Red Hands as well as a potential opposite to him. She was also able to learn of a few locations that might hold more of the weapons that were stolen and the whereabouts of Kol’s apartment. Lastly, the group learned that the Red Hands were able to pull off the heist mostly due to a large influx of cash that they’d raised by selling a hunk of land to someone from Kings Keep Island. An odd place to make an acquisition for someone in such high standing.

Kol was found in his apartment and upon being confronted he did what seemed like the best option at the time. H e jumped out of a third storey window into the wall of the building across the alley, and then fell onto some glass and broken crates before limping off at top speed with the party in pursuit. In what must have been an act of desperation, Kol climbed the wall leading into the Barrows and hid among the ruins while the party gathered at the edge of the wall while Lamont caught up as the baffled guards looked down on them.

There's no place like home...

After finally making their way to the autumn twilight court, the party was able to speak to Queen Haldyasiths and King Thorn. They immediately confiscated all of the cold iron the party was carrying and took Tovar into custody for his invovelment in the destruction of the forest. The Queen was able to reunite Widget with his sister Bridget and Carl.

While the party waited for the two to return from collecting herbs, they mingled and enjoyed the offerings of the court. Milah approached the Queen to ask about returning home from the Fey. The Queen told her that they cannot return because they travelled into the Fey on the New Moon. She did suggest however, that they may be able to win the favour of the court by helping them and earn the right to leave. Milah was also approached by a centaur, Scamp, who suggested they speak to the King for help, however, the King wanted the party to help in a battle against the foresters. Seeing as many of these people are innocents just trying to do their jobs, many of the party members (especially Lamont) opposed this and they decided to go with the Queen’s suggestion instead.

Iryani was not happy with this decision. She wanted out of the fey as fast as possible by any means possible. Longpath suggested she talk to the witch queen. The rest of the party was unwilling to deal with the witch queen so Iryani went out on her own without telling the rest of the party. The witch queen gave her a tool which would allow the party to create a portal through the King’s tree by spiting it open. and she brought this plan to the party, possibly leaving out some details. The party decided to save Tovar and make a run for it through the tree.

After asking some questions they were able to track down Tovar’s location. While trying to free Tovar the party was attacked by a flaming, undead Ent! Luckily they were able to survive the attack and free Tovar from his cell in the ground.

The party then made their way to the tree but when they arrived, the king was there and attacked them with an Ankou. Tovar frantically cranked the tool to split the tree while the party did their best to stay alive. Each crank seemed to harm the King and with a bit of haste, Tovar was able to open the portal and everyone was sucked through, including the Ankou. Everyone was alive, though badly injured, and found themselves back in the city of Discordia.

The long night
Journal entry by Lamont de Re'lon
2nd journal entry in the Fay.

At this point we have found shelter and have decided on a plan of action. After we first arrived and spoke with the Dryad “Lost Branch” we moved into the wilds of the fay. We found “the way” with relative ease but staying on it was hard. We were not ready for the cold here. We quickly decided that we had to find shelter and plan better for the rest of our trip.

The shelter is a small stone cabin. I don’t know if we made it come to be or if it already existed and our need made it come to us. I really don’t care, I’m just happy to be able to feel my toes again. I hate not knowing what day or time it is. I feel like I have been here for days but i only slept once. its very odd. Tomorrow after we rest, we will food and some way to keep warm.

3rd Fay Entry

I think Milah is right. This place is creepy. Animals that give up there lives for you, frozen undead fay, Ice gnome things. Argh! We almost have all the things we need. Hopefully once we’re on the road we can leave most of this behind us. Last time I was on watch I stood on the step of the cabin and watched the cold rider. I almost couldn’t see it at the woods edge but once I picked out its eyes the rest was easy to see. It wasn’t hiding, but it stood so still that I lost it in the trees. It’s patient. It’s getting to know us. That worries me more then anything else I have seen. I’m going to name it Frosty until I have a better name.

PS the title “witch queen” rings a bell but i don’t know where I heard it before. Wish I still had access to Father Mathews.

4th Fay Entry

We’re about ready to leave. We had a long chat with some hollow back girl… with a tail. She seemed to be taken with Iryani. I don’t know if Iryani wasn’t interested because she was female or if it was the 15 inch cavity in her back. Can’t say I blame her. Frosty is still out there.

5th Fay entry

Well time seems to fly when walking “the ways”. We moved through 3 seasons and I don’t think we slept at all. Once we got into late spring food was everywhere. I think we have made it to the right place. Now to find the “Court Of Autumn Twilight” I hope we get somewhere with this. I’m starting to miss sleeping in an alleyway.

Into the fay
Step on through to the other side.

Having found the glade which had attracted Bridget, the party made camp and waited for the new moon in 3 days. That evening, there was an attack by an owl bear which proved to be a useful food for the coming days.

There was a few days of relative peace but on the last day the Great Woods decided to show the party a taist of what lives beneather is canopy. First there was an attack by a pack of Krenshar, attracted by the smell of the ripening owlbear corpse. There horrable vistage proved to be too much for Milah who bolted into the woods only to return after the battle was over.

Near noon of the same day a pair of Pixes came and toyed with the party some. They proved to be little more then pests which soon grew board. It was around this time that the fay plants began to revive, by nightfall they were in full bloom. Early in the evening Iryani envestagated a noise near the camp an found a pair of Almiraj fighting over territory. Having desterbed the contest he became the target of their rage, at least until the Hodag showed up.

The Hodag, lived up to its rummers as a preaditer of the woods and attaced with little fear of the group faceing it. Though it inflicted harm on the party, there number proved to be an overwhelming force an soon beat it down.

At this point the night was falling and a odd peace fell over the glade. The night grew darker and the fire seems to do little to keep the night away. The darker it became the quitter the night was. One by one the stars slipped from the sky until there was nothing to be seen. The world fell away and all that was left was the glade. A soft snow began to fall, and the night went on. More snow and more time. Time seemed to slip by but the night never did. Adventuly the darkness slipped back and a new sky of stars appeared. The snow never stopped, the stars didn’t move and the party waited for dawn. A dawn that never came. It wasen’t until the moon raised a 2nd time that they realised something was different.

With this realisation coming over the party and a debat of what to do next, A figure was seen drifting in the woods. A dryad by the name Lost Branch stumbled across the party and came to speak to them. She told them of where they were and of where they needed to go. She told them about the laws and about who they should speak with. In the end, she left them to the night and left on her own surch. The night was cold and dark, but that would not change. The party gathered there things and left in surch of “The Way” not knowing what the fay held for them.

A little walk in the woods's the day the owl bear has its picnic.

After a quick stop for supplies the party moved on to the first lumber camp. Here they found little of interest, but did manage to pick up a woodsmen to aid them as a guide.

Tovar took a quick look at the napkin map, declared that he knew where this was and lead the party into the thicket. It didn’t take long for the party to start onto the trail and be attacked by a forest drake. Not long after that and a few missed turns later there was an owlbear attack.

By dusk the group had found their way to the odd grotto drawn on the map. After an investigation of the area, it became apparent that someone had stayed here for a short time. Evidence would suggest that it was Bridget and Carl.

Tovar was able to determine that the plants in the grotto were from they Fey. It seems to be that this location had brushed against the between and with luck, it will again when the moon is right. With the new moon a few days off, the party has made camp to wait and see if it will give them anymore answers. That is, if they can survive until then.

The house of Gremlins
trick, trap, party wack

And so with consern for the local populace of the old lumber town the party made its way into the night. After a number of inquiries they found themselves at Winslow’s Weapons and Wearables. The shop , known for its quality weapons and armour, had been overrun by a mob of Nuglub gremlins. The shop and house were in disarray as well as having been filled with traps; some simple like a weakened floor to the more fantastic like the entangling weapon rack that was affected by a heat metal spell.

Several successes and failures later the party had found the dead workers as well as the husband and wife. They also found a small pile of treasure (which seems to have slipped into Milah’s pack) and a quantity of rare building supplies.

The search ended in the basement of the home where they found the two children alive and hiding. There was a quick battle with the last of the Nuglubs and the night was done.

The danger, having been ended, the party moved on to the New Lumberton to start the search for Bridget.

Between the towns there was a brief run in with an Archon who seemed to know Lamont. the party came to know a bit more about the him including his full name Lamont of Re’lon.
Lamont is an imperial and a member of the paladonic order of Re’lon. It seems that by fate or by folly he as been “chosen” for great things. Things that he has little interest in but seem to be out of his control.

The group arrived in New Lumberton and found a bustling and active town that is growing as fast as it can be slapped together. It didn’t take long to find Bridget’s trail and learn where she was in town and who to talk to the next day and that night at the bar, there was a brief fist fight with a goblin which resulted in some won money and a victorious gnome.

The next morning a meeting was had with a local apothecary and a map was drawn up of where Bridget had gone. The party was ready to hit the road once more… Oh, and Milah quietly gave herself a ring for her birthday, which no one else knew about.

Jett - Cold Hard Snitch
And a brush with justice
After a week of asking, hunting, cajoling, and threatening the whereabouts of Jett came into focus. He proved to be fairly easy to track down once his enigmatic ways were pinned down and required little convincing to lay out what he knew.

During the hunt the party stirred the pot a little too hard and brought themselves to the attention of the “Red Hands”. A warning was sent which resulted in a fight and a brush with the Justacars. The Red Hands were left in the dust, captured by the Justacars and executed for their past and present crimes.

Lamont was made clean which revealed that he may be a man of more mean than his demeanour would leave you to believe.

The hunt for Jett settled and Uncle Allen looking into where the Red Hands’ hideouts are, the party was able to look into some others issues including a favour for Widget.

Bridget and Carl are MIA and with news that their whereabouts are still unknown the party has moved out to find them.

The trip to the old logging camp was uneventful but in the early hours of night Iryani was attacked by a foul gremlin and narrowly escaped to the safety of the party.

It seems that a good nights rest is not in store for the group.


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