The City by the Sea

Living Dead Girl

So I stood in the tent, face to face with Shataka-Yala who likely is thinking about her survival as much as I was considering my own. She blocked herself off with a wall of stone as she waited for her bloody bear skeletons to devour us, little did she know Milah and I were climbing to strike her. We jumped in to confront her finding two flying monsters in with her.

A blade barrier chewed through the stone wall as the last of the bears fell to the ground. Shataka-Yala was much more powerful than I expected. She wrecked us then left.

We fought amongst ourselves, yelling and screaming. Right before Lamont was getting ready to attack me, Cyrus decided to make us have a sharing circle – proving yet again that Iryani is a whore. I’m not sure exactly the intent of Cyrus but it seems as though he managed to calm us down. We decided to return the Free Cities and Von Rushak, to our luck – Rushak wanted the research more than Shataka-Yala.

Back to home sweet home.

Hole in the Earth

Opening the doors to the last chamber felt of death. The surge of negative energy from our goal felt like it took years off my life. A black chestnut sized stone sits on a pedestal – surely that was our goal. Across from the door, the master of the dojo meditates. He would not budge on giving up the stone so we entered. Fuji, the master’s choice fighter, began first. The monk was nimble and difficult to strike. Cyrus crushed Fuji with his ax.

The master was disgusted with the fight, blamed us for everything and attacked us. Shataka-Yala focused her power to save us from the effects of the stone so we could fight him however the battle went horribly starting out as the master seemed impossibly difficult to damage. As the fight went on we slowly eroded whatever was protecting him. After a grueling fight, I put the monster down, we gather our treasures and left.

We woke the next day with Mummy Rot it will take time to heal but we have time as the walk will take several days. The dead avoid us on the way out.

Upon return, Pavel informed us of strange ongoings at the camp. What seems to be large graves, a lack of food and magically sealed boxes. We spoke and decided to leave it be. Shataka-Yala waited to the evening to let us know that she’d only be able to heal one of us an evening. Iryani went first – I decided to wait till the next night.

… Shatakayala did not like my deal.

Ghost in the Walls

After licking our wounds, we entered the courtyard which was in immaculate condition considering what we have seen thus far. Milah decided the sand artistry was her litter apparently so I turned my attention to the statue of the three gods to avoid the impoverished behavior.

Sobbing from the corner of the courtyard got the attention of Lamont. Revenants, they attacked us screaming about imperials. The battle is hazy as I took too many blows but I remember Lamont fell and was brought back to life.

Next, we were confronted in a dojo. After realizing the zombie monks wish one on one combat, Lamont and Cyrus stepped forward. However, Iryani, the idiot, broke the code of the monks and they attacked us.

Defeating the monks we move to the room just before the pagoda. In an attempt to test the three skeleton worshippers of the gods, Iryani decided to disrupt undead, again… like an idiot. We ended up fighting them, and their shadows. Surprise, surprise. It was terrible slugging out.

All Nightmare Long

We left, unrested, the next morning. We entered into the actual blast zone – it is dead and barren. Everything is brittle and mummified from the lack of moisture. Our Barbarian grasped a bit of wood and it crumbled in his hands.

We reached the base camp with little issue. Shotakayala has a room that is furnished as a remote research zone. In the distance a group of adventures camped. Concerned for their well-being we approached them. Greg, their leader, was cautious of us but heeded our suggestions of hiding their fire. Iryani spoke about hiring them but we decided against it as bringing them to their death would be unfortunate. The night was quiet and uneventful.

The temple was of an elven make; two statues – one focused to the ground and the other focused to the sky – was surrounded by mummies which we dredged through slowly.

The entrance awaits…

Viking Death March

The night was wrought with terrible noise. An army of elven undead, sought to end us and it almost did.

I broke off to deal with our flankers, to my surprise they had shadow wolves in wait to defend themselves. My allies were better off for a time until an Undead Samurai swooped down on a Zombie Griffin. He challenged Lamont and Lamont did not survive. Our Cardinal ally breathed life back into him.

The army was defeated but the damage we took and the effort we expended was high.

Desperate and Ravenous - I'm so Weak and Powerless

Doing my hair in the morning has become a chore. It may be the most difficult thing to do one handed I’ve found up to this point. I can’t put up living this way, so making a deal with Rushak to get my arm back made sense. It seems that my acquaintances are for the idea of doing it, though I’m pretty sure Iryani is just doing it for herself. I’ll make sure to ask Cardinal Shotaka-Yala specific include her so that she doesn’t complain. A small price to pay I guess.

Rushak’s teleportation spell did the trick as expected; traveling us to the elven lands. Again my hair has frizzed do to his over use of theatrics, hopefully no one noticed before I fixed it – can’t go around looking like a commoner.

Gathering information here had it’s ups and downs. The shop keep was – to say the least – not overly helpful but the use of his made none the less was helpful but it was the guards who helped out the most, surprisingly. We traveled out with that weeks supplies to Cardinal Shotaka-Yala’s camp.

The Cardinal was as I expected. Calm yet mildly agitated by the news I brought. Not shocking as her own mark had grown substantially. Convincing her to help us was a simple task, and not shockingly she requested us to do a task for her in return. As a temporary measure she gave Iryani and I a ghost version of both our impairments so we could be better prepared.

The next day we traveled into the blight in search of the Blight Heart Shard. The first days travel was fairly uneventful but the night will be very apparently.

Every Breath You Take....We'll be watching you...

I think my fur has finally recovered from all that meowisture from our trip to the drake cave. It’s taking forever to get that salt flavour out when I bathe. We’re back to land trying to find a way to spy on the Justicars. Luckily I have my fameowily/guild to help out. I talked to Boram and he’s going to have someow of the gang watch to find some trustworthy Justicars to help us from the inside. As long as he doesn’t put Nehm on the job, can’t trust those beady eyes….

Lemeownt has contacted some of his brothers for help but he says we need a war chest in order to take on the Justicars. So we all went looking for jobs. I don’t understand why this town doesn’t have a job board. I thought that was a standard thing in towns around here? Anyways, everyone went around looking for jobs. Cyrus and Lemeownt checked the whiskey bottles. I don’t know if they thought they’d find a meowssage in the bottom or what but they checked A LOT of bottles. I went to the streets. While there I talked to someowne about some weird shadowy thing that’s been stalking people near an abandoned warehouse. I told everyone about it and they seemed to think it meowight be some evil fairy thing we brought here but I have no idea what they are talking about. Sounds like a dream I had once that totally didn’t happen. Ever. Never. Lies.

I think Vesper has been talking to Ru’shak about fixing up her paw. She says she needs to go to the blight to meet some Cardinal of Aval person. Her name is Dalameow someowthing meow Shotak.. er rather la… She might be able to fix Iryani’s eye too. Although the way they fight, they will probably end up meowarring each other again anyways…So I guess we’re off to some secret way to get there really fast. Hopefully it doesn’t involve a boat…or water…I need more time to groom…but maybe first a nap….

With Arms Wide Open
Er... Arm

The cave held more than just drakes and what started as a simple, well, not exactly simple, but things didn’t go sideways until after the hard part at least. I’m getting ahead of myself.

The devilfish avoided, we found ourselves with another fork in the road and just chose to go right. From there, what looked to be a pile of sails serving as a drake nest turned out to be a pair of giant bat-ish things possibly in the middle of making little bat-things. They screamed, and made people sick and Cyrus ran off barfing like a mad man. It was gross, and we killed them after everyone got their shit together. Thankfully, this was a dead end and we got back on the right track, finding the drake up ahead drinking from a pool surrounding a weird glowing crystal.

The drake wasn’t alone and what started as two mist drakes turned out to be four when the remaining two ambushed us. They let loose with several clouds of smoke, battering the bunch of us but the sea drake went down quickly and the mist drakes soon followed. We were spent, but it seemed we were at the end.

And we were, but while Milah, Lamont, and I went off to rifle through a few of the drakes’ belongings, Vesper started doing, I don’t know what. I’m sure she has a word for it that makes it sound really smart and on the brink of some brilliant discovery, but really, she got the shit taken out of her weird demon arm, in every sense of the term. We camped after Lamont bandaged her up. Speaking of Lamont, I think he plans to take this crystal with us at some point. It’s not going in my room!

Anyway, tons of cash and a full set of gear from a dead guy, not to mention some ship nameplates and figureheads, all down in the drake’s hold. We brought it all back after taking the third route out of that pool the devilfish was hiding in.

We made it back to town, and Vesper recovered, sort of. Her arm is still mangled and nurse Agatha is still pushy and won’t let sickish people out of bed. We all had things to do in town, and ultimately, we got the treasure from the horde shared out. Cyrus seems to be working out alright, and I think he and Lamont had some buddy time at one of the bars. Milah and I tried to find Linda but all we got was the cranky harbourmaster who told us off last time and an undue helping of disbelief. Maybe Linda will be more accommodating, but who knows if she’ll even bother getting a hold of us.

Anyway, I guess Vesper’s demon-whatever arm isn’t going to eventually kill her so yay for that. If we find someone to fix her arm, maybe they can fix these scars and hook me up with a new eye while they’re at it.


Long Dark Road

“Home in the cliffs” was a bit of an understatement. More like expansive manor with multiple wings and wait staff. We rowed up to the base of the cliff a good hundred feet below the hole the mangled drake clambered its way into, spliced some rope together and sent Vesper, who apparently climbs like a spider, up the cliff with rope in tow. She secured the rope and we all climbed up without much issue. Once up top, turns out, the cave dropped another 60-some feet and with the rope securing the boat down below we had to climb down with no rope to help. After watching everyone else fall I opted to float down and not get hurt.

Well, Lamont had to take his armour off to get anywhere on the rocky wall so Milah helped him armour up but we were attacked by some giant centipedes before he could finish. Despite being so big, they went down pretty quickly and we moved on. The cave would dip suddenly into pools of water and I’d scout ahead to make sure the group could make it before running out of air.

We came to a crossroads of sorts soon after, the floor coated in a strange, dried slime, but before we could think about where to go some giant snails dropped on us from the ceiling. Cyrus reminded us that earlier he’d suggested we look up while walking around. Apparently his eyes don’t work in the upward direction, so now there’s snails. These snails had some swinging arms they attacked us with, and while their shells were tough to crack, they were practically immune to magic. I hear that a blast of magic missiles I loosed hit Vesper when the snail started glowing like I was hallucinating. Well, my pistols water-logged so I pretty much sat the fight out while everyone else tore into the giant buggers.

Cyrus found some blood down one of our corridor options in the cave that led us to another water-filled dip in the cave, this one filled with sea water, I discovered as I scouted the area ahead. This one was a little longer but no real problem, until I went to turn around and had 3 corridors I could have come from. I cursed my short memory and took the wrong path right into a devlifish (apparently) who really wanted a hug, but I was having none of that. It grabbed me but I stunned it and met up with the group, and told them about the danger. We talked it over and wound up trying to bait it out by chumming the water with dead snail. That did nothing, and smelled gross and even I held my breath as we begrudgingly trudged the distance ignoring the tentacle-fish as it struggled to get a hold of Lamont. We made it, and I discovered that big old bolt of lightning spread out into a cone of electric death underwater. At least it didn’t backfire, I just wanted to remind devil fish who was boss. He seemed unconvinced, but we made the span of water safely anyway.

(to be continued)

It Takes Two

As we expected, the pirates we let catch up with us were no real threat. Their captain took a beating for sure, but that new hired muscle is working out pretty well so far. Their ship was in rough shape but that gave us our next clue. Something attacked them from above off some coastal cliffs about a day’s sail from where we’d met. I was just relieved to hear it wasn’t my brother that attacked them. They’d likely be dead if that were the case, dead or lucky. At least it’s not my brother we’re out here for, maybe he has sort of changed. No, I don’t believe that.

The pirates had taken some captives from another ship they’d sunk, but it seems to be the only one but we picked up a few barrels from one of the lost shipments and left the prisoners to sail this ship to the nearest port, with the few remaining pirates captive. I’m sure I could have found a home for them aboard my ship but I wasn’t going to argue the point against so many conflicting views, and time wasn’t exactly something we had a lot of.

We set sail for the cliffs based on the pirate ship’s navigation charts and logs and soon found ourselves nearing a rocky shore. It would be too dangerous to get much closer but before we could think much more on it, we noticed what turned out to be a pair of sea drakes circling above. They closed on the ship, diving below at the last minute and reemerging to starboard to blast us with their electric breath attack. They then landed which proved to be the death of one as Lamont tore a hole in it with a glowy god smash I’ve not seen before. That and the double-sized barbarian dropping on it. The other fled to its home in the cliffs, but our work was only half done and it would be next.

And Vesper turned into a zombie baby in case anyone started to think she wasn’t creepy.


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