The City by the Sea

Desperate and Ravenous - I'm so Weak and Powerless

Doing my hair in the morning has become a chore. It may be the most difficult thing to do one handed I’ve found up to this point. I can’t put up living this way, so making a deal with Rushak to get my arm back made sense. It seems that my acquaintances are for the idea of doing it, though I’m pretty sure Iryani is just doing it for herself. I’ll make sure to ask Cardinal Shotaka-Yala specific include her so that she doesn’t complain. A small price to pay I guess.

Rushak’s teleportation spell did the trick as expected; traveling us to the elven lands. Again my hair has frizzed do to his over use of theatrics, hopefully no one noticed before I fixed it – can’t go around looking like a commoner.

Gathering information here had it’s ups and downs. The shop keep was – to say the least – not overly helpful but the use of his made none the less was helpful but it was the guards who helped out the most, surprisingly. We traveled out with that weeks supplies to Cardinal Shotaka-Yala’s camp.

The Cardinal was as I expected. Calm yet mildly agitated by the news I brought. Not shocking as her own mark had grown substantially. Convincing her to help us was a simple task, and not shockingly she requested us to do a task for her in return. As a temporary measure she gave Iryani and I a ghost version of both our impairments so we could be better prepared.

The next day we traveled into the blight in search of the Blight Heart Shard. The first days travel was fairly uneventful but the night will be very apparently.



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