The City by the Sea

With Arms Wide Open

Er... Arm

The cave held more than just drakes and what started as a simple, well, not exactly simple, but things didn’t go sideways until after the hard part at least. I’m getting ahead of myself.

The devilfish avoided, we found ourselves with another fork in the road and just chose to go right. From there, what looked to be a pile of sails serving as a drake nest turned out to be a pair of giant bat-ish things possibly in the middle of making little bat-things. They screamed, and made people sick and Cyrus ran off barfing like a mad man. It was gross, and we killed them after everyone got their shit together. Thankfully, this was a dead end and we got back on the right track, finding the drake up ahead drinking from a pool surrounding a weird glowing crystal.

The drake wasn’t alone and what started as two mist drakes turned out to be four when the remaining two ambushed us. They let loose with several clouds of smoke, battering the bunch of us but the sea drake went down quickly and the mist drakes soon followed. We were spent, but it seemed we were at the end.

And we were, but while Milah, Lamont, and I went off to rifle through a few of the drakes’ belongings, Vesper started doing, I don’t know what. I’m sure she has a word for it that makes it sound really smart and on the brink of some brilliant discovery, but really, she got the shit taken out of her weird demon arm, in every sense of the term. We camped after Lamont bandaged her up. Speaking of Lamont, I think he plans to take this crystal with us at some point. It’s not going in my room!

Anyway, tons of cash and a full set of gear from a dead guy, not to mention some ship nameplates and figureheads, all down in the drake’s hold. We brought it all back after taking the third route out of that pool the devilfish was hiding in.

We made it back to town, and Vesper recovered, sort of. Her arm is still mangled and nurse Agatha is still pushy and won’t let sickish people out of bed. We all had things to do in town, and ultimately, we got the treasure from the horde shared out. Cyrus seems to be working out alright, and I think he and Lamont had some buddy time at one of the bars. Milah and I tried to find Linda but all we got was the cranky harbourmaster who told us off last time and an undue helping of disbelief. Maybe Linda will be more accommodating, but who knows if she’ll even bother getting a hold of us.

Anyway, I guess Vesper’s demon-whatever arm isn’t going to eventually kill her so yay for that. If we find someone to fix her arm, maybe they can fix these scars and hook me up with a new eye while they’re at it.




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