The City by the Sea

The End of Yala


Vesper got a message from Rushack that he had been attacked and we might be next. We gathered our things and people in a painfully slow manner and traveled to Rushack’s. His home was worse for wear but he seemed fine and said there were no casualties from the attack.

I don’t know if this was the right way to go about it but instead of waiting for her next move we decided to attach Shotakayala before she could engage us at our home. Meredoth seemed more then amicable to send us after her. He provided us with some pendants to protect us from the effects of the blight heart and dropped us on the island of Dust and Ash.

It didn’t take long before we found where she was hold up and were confronted by some creature that glowed with embers. It flew at us and began attacking from the sky. I really need to find a way to deal with flying creatures as I just can’t engage them at all. Some kind of returning spear or something would be good. It was a frustrating engagement but we managed. Just when we thought It was over and done with one of those winged creatures, I guess they are called Vanths appeared and placed some kind of cure on Iryani. It didn’t seem to do much at the time but as we engaged other creatures it keep her from acting from time to time.

Having found the mausoleum that Yala was holed up in we sent Milah in to check things out. She seemed to spot a trap on the inner door and triggered it with no harm to herself. It would have been nice if she let us know what she what she was doing but in the end no harm was done.

Once inside we were greeted by a horrible unearthly howl and a wall of fog. We made ready to block a charge by the creatures only to have them surround us by magical means. There was much cussing and fumbling in the fog but we did get the better of them. During the fight a Vanth tried to curse Cyrus but he managed to shake it off. When the last of the creature was killed the fog lifted and let us finish exploiting the tome.
And then we found her.

Dalanim Shotakayala

I had never seen her like this before. Armored head to toe in an silver and black plate like armor engraved with words I could not read. A helm and mask that made her face into a twisted demon and holding a wicked club she burned with a deep furry. I had questioned our actions against her for her sins we in gray place and I didn’t know what was a just response but at the moment all doubt left me. She was a danger and to leave her to roam free would be to court disaster.

Parlay was useless. She wasn’t getting her foul research back and she wasn’t just going to leave. With a cry of rage she swept the paper lanterns off the sarcophagus she was using as a table, releasing their magic and filling her with what she thought was the power to end us. Her body took on a dark radiance and grew much like Cyruss dose when he’s particularly upset. Her speed increased and the once , Almost too heavy club now swung with ease.

We began to close on her when the sky opened and great fire struck many of us with a heat I have never felt before. It almost ended us right there. If not for the efforts of Abbot Nial I fear most of us would of died on that floor.

From there the Battle haze took my mind and I can only remembered scattered bits.
The Vanths were there and one of them engaged Vespa, cracks of magic and metal echoed from the dark ceiling about while they fought.

Cyrus, Milea and myself trying to find a way through Yala’s armor.

Fletcher, that poor bastard, at our side and Nile backing us up while Holding off the 2nd Vanth.

I mostly lost sight of Eryani, her efforts being thwarted by the curse placed on her.

Yala was tiring and we thought we had the upper hand on her when she made a desperate move to break away from us though blows rained down on her she was able to move past us and heal herself and the battle continued.

The end came quickly. One miss step, one stab in the back of the leg from Milah that brought her to a knee, and then Cyrus brought his axe down on her arm pinning her weapon down and to the outside of his blade and with a quick reverse, I had seen him practice a thousand times, swung it high and true into her neck. The head slide across the floor while her body slowly collapsed and shrinking the magic bonds now broken.

The remaining Vanth seeing his master now ended surrendered and left us. I Pray to all of the gods that this is over but considering what we did with the Blight hearts we recovered, I fear those prayers will fall on deaf ears.



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