The City by the Sea

Living Dead Girl

So I stood in the tent, face to face with Shataka-Yala who likely is thinking about her survival as much as I was considering my own. She blocked herself off with a wall of stone as she waited for her bloody bear skeletons to devour us, little did she know Milah and I were climbing to strike her. We jumped in to confront her finding two flying monsters in with her.

A blade barrier chewed through the stone wall as the last of the bears fell to the ground. Shataka-Yala was much more powerful than I expected. She wrecked us then left.

We fought amongst ourselves, yelling and screaming. Right before Lamont was getting ready to attack me, Cyrus decided to make us have a sharing circle – proving yet again that Iryani is a whore. I’m not sure exactly the intent of Cyrus but it seems as though he managed to calm us down. We decided to return the Free Cities and Von Rushak, to our luck – Rushak wanted the research more than Shataka-Yala.

Back to home sweet home.



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