The City by the Sea

I Get Knocked Down, But I Get up Again

So, I’m writing this by whatever moonlight I can get through the windows of my warehouse because of this stupid armour. The stupid armour I dragged all the way from the frigging blight that’s so cursed, I’ve had to put it in a metal box that I’m sitting on right now in the dead of night to make sure it doesn’t open up before I get a chance to dump it in the ocean. I should back up a bit.

So, we came home after obliterating some horrible monstrous experiments, and taking everything of value that they’d been holding from their poor, poor victims. A lot of neat stuff but I think we’ll have to pawn most of it to pay for all the brain damage we took when those monsters screamed. Vesper was extra insufferable for the rest of the night and Milah… Slept slightly more than usual. The next morning, it was Lamont wound up selling the stuff while I babysat this circus. Well, Syrus was about normal, I guess, but he’s got a pretty constant “fish out of water” thing going so it’s hard to tell.

Anyway, one trip the the temple of the Eight-Faced God got us all fixed up and we scattered. Milah and I tried to track down Linda Longdock again but she wasn’t around again and the cranky bearded guy was about as helpful as before. I should probably learn his name, people like that. We headed more or less home after that to a quiet night by the fire. It was kind of nice having everyone there, even if we were all doing our own thing.

The next day we met with our lawyer, got him to send another letter of introduction to the Silversands’ and, well, to jog Linda’s memory on our arrangement. We paid him for the next month, but talking about getting the families on board with our plan reminded us that we need an actual plan. We still have to figure out what we’re going to even replace the Justicars with if we get this thing off the ground, and speaking of the Justicars, Milah’s guild really came through spying on them. We have a list of two reasonable people and a bunch of people who are all terrible in different ways. I guess some of them might be fine if they aren’t being led around by the greedy ones but it’s a depressing list either way.

We headed back the Queen’s Fire for lunch when we met the travelling merchant again, the one we met through Uncle Allan from months ago. Ja’rah, or something, and by Vil’deis’ seeping headwound, I swear that he and Pavel are old friends! I thought they were gonna throw down the way they reacted to each other but I guess I’ll have to wait for that particular show. Ja’rah expects to be in and out of town a lot over the next few months which will hopefully prove useful once we can get some cash. Magic stuff doesn’t come cheap, based on how expensive this book I’m struggling through is.

Well, the end of the month snuck up on me so I had to go check in with Father Harvey at the temple of Eight-Face about that suit of armour I took from the blight. He can’t do anything about it, which I guess is fine, but he put it in a crate about a day and half ago so I had no idea what state it was in. He had two jobs and the easy one was “smash bones every few hours”! It’s a miracle we didn’t have half of a skeleton samurai in there, so we took it to Von Roshak who suggested we drop the thing to the bottom of the a metal box. One metal box, a length of chain, and a few dozen rocks later, and we’ve got a heavy fucking box, full of cursed armour and rocks ready for a one way trip to the ocean blue. As soon as my ship gets back.

So here I am, keeping an eye on this thing because apparently I’m the only one not afraid of it. Guess I’m sleeping out here for a while.

Vesper’d better not mess with my stuff.



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