The City by the Sea

Hole in the Earth

Opening the doors to the last chamber felt of death. The surge of negative energy from our goal felt like it took years off my life. A black chestnut sized stone sits on a pedestal – surely that was our goal. Across from the door, the master of the dojo meditates. He would not budge on giving up the stone so we entered. Fuji, the master’s choice fighter, began first. The monk was nimble and difficult to strike. Cyrus crushed Fuji with his ax.

The master was disgusted with the fight, blamed us for everything and attacked us. Shataka-Yala focused her power to save us from the effects of the stone so we could fight him however the battle went horribly starting out as the master seemed impossibly difficult to damage. As the fight went on we slowly eroded whatever was protecting him. After a grueling fight, I put the monster down, we gather our treasures and left.

We woke the next day with Mummy Rot it will take time to heal but we have time as the walk will take several days. The dead avoid us on the way out.

Upon return, Pavel informed us of strange ongoings at the camp. What seems to be large graves, a lack of food and magically sealed boxes. We spoke and decided to leave it be. Shataka-Yala waited to the evening to let us know that she’d only be able to heal one of us an evening. Iryani went first – I decided to wait till the next night.

… Shatakayala did not like my deal.



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