The City by the Sea

Every Breath You Take....We'll be watching you...

I think my fur has finally recovered from all that meowisture from our trip to the drake cave. It’s taking forever to get that salt flavour out when I bathe. We’re back to land trying to find a way to spy on the Justicars. Luckily I have my fameowily/guild to help out. I talked to Boram and he’s going to have someow of the gang watch to find some trustworthy Justicars to help us from the inside. As long as he doesn’t put Nehm on the job, can’t trust those beady eyes….

Lemeownt has contacted some of his brothers for help but he says we need a war chest in order to take on the Justicars. So we all went looking for jobs. I don’t understand why this town doesn’t have a job board. I thought that was a standard thing in towns around here? Anyways, everyone went around looking for jobs. Cyrus and Lemeownt checked the whiskey bottles. I don’t know if they thought they’d find a meowssage in the bottom or what but they checked A LOT of bottles. I went to the streets. While there I talked to someowne about some weird shadowy thing that’s been stalking people near an abandoned warehouse. I told everyone about it and they seemed to think it meowight be some evil fairy thing we brought here but I have no idea what they are talking about. Sounds like a dream I had once that totally didn’t happen. Ever. Never. Lies.

I think Vesper has been talking to Ru’shak about fixing up her paw. She says she needs to go to the blight to meet some Cardinal of Aval person. Her name is Dalameow someowthing meow Shotak.. er rather la… She might be able to fix Iryani’s eye too. Although the way they fight, they will probably end up meowarring each other again anyways…So I guess we’re off to some secret way to get there really fast. Hopefully it doesn’t involve a boat…or water…I need more time to groom…but maybe first a nap….



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