The City by the Sea

Bob the Unbending

Its raining Clerics... hallelujah?


So… a few months back I wrote to the Order. I told them about the oppression in this city and the strife that the common folk suffered. I told them that I was trying to help this city but with so few allies it was hard and I asked for help.

I didn’t really have an idea of how that request would be answered. I know that the day I was made a champion of the order was… unconventional so I didn’t expect much. A few coin, a small supply chest maybe an adviser . I didn’t expect this.

On Arcanieym 5th Robert ( now Bishop) the Unbending arrived at our island with a troop of over 50 men and and women to build a base of operation for the order. His aid, a Cleric of Arma Abbot Nial Cooper has been speaking with us as well. He seems a little stiff but looks like a good man. Perhaps he has been on the road with Robert too long.

I remember Robert from when I was a kid at the Orders training center. Wiles and me would offer try to sneak extra food or loaf off on our duties and were often caught by Roberts stern eye and switch. Even as I came into being a young man I didn’t see eye to eye with him. I know that rules and discipline have their place now but Robert has no compassion or pity. If we try to replace one tyranny with another we will fail the people here. We need to do better than just rule of law… but that is a good place to start.

Oh and they did bring me a sick new set of armor. I can’t wait to test it out.

And then Shotakayala showed up.



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