The City by the Sea

Barbarian Journal #1

Writing wasn't a required skill in the mountians

First entry by Cyrus Ari – BloodRager

It was a long journey in the Elven lands. The Blight is as horrible as the tails describe. That place will be hunting my dreams for some time. We were lucky to walk out of there alive.

After returning to Vessy’s benifactor’s house, there interactions seemd to be tense but not overly hostile. Vessy was allowed to keep her skin after devlivering some books. Who knew that books could make people so happy. I will have to keep my eye open for some book, and maybe I can give enimeys a book instead of the good end of my axe.

Kitty and I deciced to take the elven paintings we found in the blight, to an art dealer in the city and see if we could sell it. It is nice to have Kitty coming along, she is nice and always looks out for me in the big city. We managed to sell the painting at a good price and Kitty gave me the paper to take to the bank so we can collect the gold. This was an okay arrangement, at least kitty didn’t skim some off the top for her orfanage.

Back at the Island house everyone seemed to need some alone time. The truth circle had taken a heavy toll on everyone but I think it will work out in the end. Everyone knows about me and my ansetry now and they haven’t run me out of town yet. I hope I can stay longer this time. The last farm I lived at was burnt to the ground. I will not let that happen to my new home. I took up sparing with Lamb-mot. He has gotten stronger after the trials in the blight. I wanted to ask him about his friends that were coming to help with the “JustaCarts”. But it looks like he wasn’t in a talking mood, judging buy the bruises I received every time I asked. After a while of smashing, a funny little man came into the gym to deliver friendship books. It was so nice. Now I can present a book to make a tense situation better. Wow this place is amazing. Some day I should learn how to read these book and then maybe I can just talk to people and not need to carry a friendship book around. I hear these book maybe worth some money, so maybe I can sell the smelly ones and keep some of the pretty ones.

Blue lady was off to check on her ship down at the docs and took the cursed Armour with her. Maybe she can fix it and cast out the evil spirit that lives in the armour. Her magic is so strong and it seems to have no limits on what she can do.

The next day we all went into town to do some Shopping. Kitty came with me to look out for me again and to make sure I don’t get swingaled. I got the most bueatifull Dark wood bow ever made. Next time those flying death crows won’t ascape me so easily.

Blue Lady took off at some point and she had her bag of Armour. I guess she was able to cast out the evil spirit and is off to sell the armour. On her way back she ran into an old friend of hers and went to check out this undergound part of the city. After she found us and told us about the undercity she said there was some large monster down there. I asked what they were and she had to go back for another look. I didn’t really understand what everyone was saying about the monster but they mentoned Drow. I am not too sure what that is but judging by everyones expresion this wasn’t a good word. With evil near, I will be ready to help stomp it out. At that point we decied that we need Lamb-mot to help us with these creature. With all of us working together we can save the city. I can smell the reward money, when the whole city hears about our glorieus deeds on display this day.

It was a hard fought battle with these terrors. They were a grotessk mockery of humans. It looked almost as if their flesh was warped by some dark and sadisctic force. If this is what is meant buy drow then I can see why people were not happy to have them so close. After we put the poor creatures out of their mistery, Vessy & Kitty started acting oddly. I hope they didn’t catch any drow from the creatures. I would hate to see them all misshapen like those creatures. I will have to keep an eye one them and let Lamb-mot know if they show any signs of drow. I do wonder how these creatures ended up in our undercity?

After a search of the area we found more bodies hanging on the wall and some kind of torture studio of some mad artist. The bodies were mostly human but showing the signs of drow. I hope we find this artist so that we can have words and there is no way I will be giving him one of my friendship books.

We collected some valuables and headed back up to the surface. We will be back undercity to see what wonders and horrors that live under us all.



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