The City by the Sea

Bad Hair Day


I feel as though Rushack’s goals with the hearts is both noble and intelligent. I trust leaving them with him even if the others are skeptical. Also, he’s pledged to help us at our request.

Anyways, today was terrible. My head still hurts from fighting Shitaki-Yala and my hair is a mess. I feel gross, and wanted nothing but to stay home and rest but it seems like Milah, Lamont, and Cyrus all are set to go look for their “Fey assassin”.

Our first stop was, of course, a bar. No number of castings of prestidigitation would save us from the filth of this place but I did the best I could to keep things “clean” around me. Milah went to the bar and got us the most disgusting beers I have ever seen. I cleaned them up to tolerance then Cyrus used them to convince some locals to tell us about the assassin. He got us a couple angles to follow.

The crazy lady at the third-hand store told us a little bit of information, however, not enough so we decided to go see the 4th street gang. I’m tired and want to go home, so I decided to make this a quick conversation. I find the first urchin I could and kick his peg leg then punch him in the face. Everyone else was confused but little do they know this is the proper way to deal with urchins and thus he was very receptive telling us exactly where to look. I paid the man for his trouble.

The 4th street gang hideout, “Willy’s” reminded me of a fairly renowned restaurant from the empire so I felt remised to not ask for their specialty. The bouncer did not approve so I threatened him with a jolt to the genitals. He was amazingly receptive. Upon entering we were met by 10 Crossbows and some dick head that thought he was big. With our weapons outside with Lamont, it came down to claws, fists, and magic. The gang wasn’t prepared for us. After slapping the Capa with Chill touch until he couldn’t pick up his stick anymore he was very willing to tell us how they were summoning the assassin. Now we can avoid anyone else getting hurt and I can finally go home.

So done with gangs.



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