The Fay

Traveling the Fey

The Fey is a land between. It is unsure what it is between but if you ask the Fey, they are most likely to say something like “the here and the there” or “the now and the then” Some theories are that it is between realities as it exists outside the rules that govern most worlds. Bridging this world and the land of dreams.

The only way a non-Fey can enter is through a gate on the full moon or the new moon. Those that enter during the new moon will find that they are not allowed to leave. A startling fate to befall any that stumble in unaware.

Time and season are permanently tied to location in the Fey. If you were to stay in one place the hours would never change and the stars would hang still. The season wound never end. The only thing to move is the moon. By walking the Fey roads you can change the hours of the day and the seasons. Once off the road, it takes much longer to see your travels change the time.

The Governance of the Fey

The Fey is divided into an unknown number of realms, each with their own rulers and courts. Each realm has their own system of Fey roads. The bigger the realm the longer the roads. These places are typically tied to locations in the mortal world: A forest, a bayou, an oasis. Damage done to these locations can show in the Fey.

Laws that cover most of the Fey include:

  • All that is needed is to be given freely.
  • Never Lie
  • Only mock downwards.

The Fay

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