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The Gods Arma

Arma, The god king
Aliment: Lawful Neutral
Weapon: Long Spear,
Holy symbol : 5 crowns
The first emperor. He stands for the unity and might of the empire. Strong not through himself but through the unity of the kingdoms of men.

In the last years of Arma’s rule, a movement began to form gods for the kingdoms of men. All of the mages within the empire and many of the priests were brought to bare on this goal and a ritual was formed that would allow a man to take the first steps to godhood. Only though faith and devotion would someone that was arisen become a true god.

And the first emperor, Arma was given the right to be the first to rise and continue his rule. From the first emperor to the first god of men.

Strength, Glory, Law, Nobility, War

Coseet: The Crone, Lover, Sister , Wife, Mother, and Daughter:
Aliment: Chaotic good
Weapon: Rapier
Holy symbol: An orchid
The goddess of all women kind. Her form Flickers between one of 6 personas based on her whims in the conversation.

As the choices for accretion were being made through out the empire it was seen that there would be a imbalance among the gods. With so few of them being women there was a worry that the women of the empire would become second class citizens. To address them the women of all the Nobile houses and many of the lesser houses gathered and pick six women to represent them. Each being a prime example of one of the six stages women live in the empire.
Good, Community, healing, Charm, Protection, Plant

Aval and Cain, The Twins
Aliment Lawful Neutral, Chaotic Evil
Weapon: Scythe
Holy Symbol : Set of Scales

Brother and sister bring one and all to their final rest. She represents the natural cycle

of life and death and holds knowledge of the beyond. He is the reaper of souls and lusts after the destruction of all life. He knows little but madness and decay. All Souls are weight on their Scales to determine if there Soul will be left to rest or be twisted about in the dark.

Cain was a general under the emperor Arma. During a campaign the city he had occupied was taken by the plague and he ordered the gates sealed until the sickness had passed. It took 4 years. Cain was forced to deal with choosing who would live and die by his command. Executing the sick, and condemning the healthy when the need was there. Many feel that if it wasn’t for his dispassionate work much of the empire would of fallen to the plague. For this reason he was chosen to be the god of the dead. When it was time and he was set to ascend to god hood the powers and knowledge drove him mad. His twin sister could see him being lost and stepped into the ritual to share the burden of her brother. Sadly the madness was permanent but a balance had been achieved and Aval became the keeper of souls.

Repose, Law, Knowledge, Death, Madness, Chaos.

Mearados The Sage (demi) :
True neutral
Weapon: Staff
Holy Symbol: a closed book with 2 scrolls
Embodies the growth of the mind and all knowledge Arcane and mundane
As the last of the kingdoms of men came together there was much chaos and confusion. Each land had learned new ways to use magic and many took strange and varied forms, some learned how to trick or bewitch others while some found ways to summon beasts from beyond. Some arts drew their power from the gray line between life and dead and another’s found ways to rend apart all the lives. With all this knowledge being dumped upon mankind one lord decided that if it was not all collected much of it would be lost. Mearados founded the first great library and wizards tower. Hear all knowledge would be collected, and taught. Here mankind could learn and grow. Here the knowledge of how to make gods was found. In reward for all that he did for the empire Mearados was raised as one of the first 9

Artifice, magic, Knowledge, Rune,
Mehgaia, Hearth and Harvest
Lawful good
Weapon: Tri-chain flail
Holy symbol: Bushel of grain
God of the home and farm, food and community.
In the last years of the forging wars much of the land was blighted buy endless raiding and war. Mehgaia, the widow of a farmer made soldier, took control of his holding rather than see them fall in to waste like much of the land. She established a community that was self dependent and could outlive the war around it. She would never sell they food they grew so as to not take a side in the conflicts but would never let anyone leave with a empty stomach. It is said that during a visit from one of the last kings Mehgaia refused his demands and scolded him like he was a young child. That the king took the scolding and apologies before leaving, well fed but empty handed.

Animal, Plant, Earth, Community, Water

Erebus Trickster and thief (demi):,
Neutral Evil
Weapon: Short Sword
Holy Symbol: any other gods symbol that you impersonate but wrong some how
The god of hidden things, Secrets and lies. The spy, the thief and the trickster
When Erebus started his life as a thief and scam artist he knew that it what he would do the rest of his life. He knew he was good at it. He didn’t know that he would prove to be the best at it in all of the empire. And he didn’t know that he was 6 and not 5 like most people thought. Years later when Erebus was a man and well established in his life he found that there was little challenge left. You can only steal the crown jewelers or impersonate the emperors long last cousin so many times before it becomes blassa. Then the accention was under way, What a challenge that would be… what a feat, what a prize. No one really knows how it happened but on the day when the god of honor and Justus was to be ascended. There was Erebus, proving he could lie, cheat and steal anything. Even godhood.

Darkness, Trickery, luck, Travel, knowledge ( secrets)

Ragore, The Conquer
Lawful Neutral
Weapon : Long sword
Holy Symbol helm with a sword behind it

If you asked any citizen of Arma who they most adored they would probably say the Emperor. If you were in the army it would most likely be Ragore. Ragore was from a poor family and joined the army as a basic grunt. Through skill, determination and a little luck with the fates he became the first general of Arma, Master of all forces that served to protect the Empire and expand its lands. Soldiers said that he alone was worth 2000 men on the battlefield. In time the love showed to him became worship and Ragore became the god of Soldiers.

Fire, War, Destruction, liberation, travel

Nim, God of Sea and Sky
Chaotic natural
Weapon: Long Bow
Holy Symbol: a curl of wind.

During the first golden age of the Empire its influence spread rapidly over the land, many towns and independent countries found great benefit to joining the empire and surrendered to their control without a fight. A lot of cities became aware of the empire long before its people march into their lands having learned about them from the ever growing navy that moved ever farther along the coasts. One of these ships, the Nimbus was commanded by a woman called Nieanna became known the full length of the continent having proved that the land does end at some point and returning with maps to show the true fall of the coasts. The Nimbus danced over the waves with the grace of a cloud, and could whip around other ships like the wind itself. So beloved was Nieanna and her crew that they decided to try the ritual of ascension choosing the name Nim after the ship that had carried them to such great fame. Nim having been formed by 5 people and not one has been seen to be in conflict with herself at times and rarely keeps a single opinion for long. Though Nieanna is the primary personality the other have been known to take control at times of particular duress.
Nieanna, Makieta, Teza, Elba, Cabbot
Sun, Air, Water, Weather, Darkness

Tor’raag, The Forge/The builder (demi)
Neutral good
Weapon: Maul
Holy symbol : Anvil

During the wars that birthed the Empire, in a little plot of well defended land where no king held claim was a simple work shop owned be Tor’raag. In this humble shop Tor’raag built weapons and armor that would make a general weep with amazement and a king ferocious with envy. Tor’raag made weapon and armor for anyone that could pay his price and was willing to wait for it. There were items which were never sold as the buyer did not live to see the finished work. Some say that the crafting of these items was so fine that they were magical before they were enchanted. When it was declared that the empire of Arma was going to birth their own gods there was one man and all agreed should me brought in to build the physical form of the god maker. For his work in making this possible and all the other thing he had build he was awarded godhood buy the first temple of high priests.

Fire, Earth, Protection, Strength

Vecna, The lich king (demi):
Lawful Evil
Weapon Dagger
Holy symbol: Hand and eye

Though many feel that it was not possible for Vecna to assend into God hood at his destruction, the fact that cult priests are able to cast spell the same as any other priest seems to prove that it has happened. Though there are few of these priest they seem to be growing in numbers at a alarming rate.

Evil, Death, magic, artifact, Rune

Old gods


Lawful Neutral
Weapon: Mace with the head made of stone
Holy Symbol: A piece of deep earth (deeper the better)
Lord of stones, builder of form and back of the world. Though slow in his actions he bears a great strength. Never quick to judge or act he relies on taking time to choose the right path and riding it to the end. Though slow to anger he is one that will never forget.

Earth, Strength, Law, repos, Plant

Neutral good
Weapon: A sling
Holy Symbol: Air captured from atop a mountain. The Higher the better

Goddess of air and the breath that gives life, sky of the world. She takes all things in stride and looks to rise above the pettiness of many arguments. She is happiest when all things are brought to peace and are able to exist without the demands of others. Thought seen as aloof and sometimes changing her mind on a whim, it is often dose for the greater good.

Air, Weather, Good, Travel, Liberation

Chaotic Neutral
Weapon: Torch
Holy Symbol : magically captured flame The hotter the better.

Goddess of flames, passion of life and warmth of the world. With child like energy she moves about endlessly her passions are everything to her and exists only in the moment. Her anger is almost as hot as her love of all the arts.

Fire, Sun, Chaos, Luck, Charm

Neutral evil
Weapon: fishing spear
Holy Symbol: Bottle of water from the deep ocean. The Deeper the better.
God of the deep sea, giver of wisdom, father of rain and rivers. Hydros is a great thinker but is also known for his bottomless anger. He keeps himself well in check showing none of his rage unless pushed too far or it is too late to avoid his wraith.
Water, Knowledge, Evil, ruin, Magic

Lawful Good
Weapon: staff
Holy Symbol: Seeds from a harvest crop
Mother of all. The first of the four sibling’s children she was formed of all of their best attributes. Through her all things are able to grown and bring new life into the world.
Animal, Nobility, Healing, community, Protection

Chaotic Evil
Weapon : Battle axe made of bone
Holy Symbol: Something dead
The broken one, ender of life. A’raw was the 2nd child and twin of Danew. He’s creation was not planned by the other gods and was formed of all that was remained after the birth of Danew. His twisted form is mirror of all that is foul among the siblings.

Trickery, Death, Madness, War, Destruction, Darkness

Elvin gods

Not worshiped as singular creature but as concepts

Sun, Air, Weather, darkness, Chaos, Fire, charm, Artifacts

Earth, law, repos, community, Plant, Animal, Ruin, Knowledge

Water, healing, good, magic, Luck, Strength, travel, glory

Religion from other lands

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