Religion and Cults

Cults & Religions

Cult of the Empire

There are those in the Free Cities that pay homage to the gods of the Empire of Arma. Many see these as false gods as they were made by man but their prayers go answered. Often hated by the local population, The Cult Of The Empire hides from view.

GodSleeping_1_.jpgThe Dreaming God

This world is nothing. It is just a shadow of the true life that awaits us in our sleep. Our dreams will show the true path. May he guide us through this waking nightmare until we join him in the long sleep.

The 8-Faced God.

The God of Eight Faces is a symbol of personal freedom. The path is yours to choose and not its. All are welcome and can worship in their own way. It’s hard to say where the Eight-faced God came from but many see him as a god of great harmony while others see him as a cosmic joke stating that if you represent everything then you stand for nothing.

Cult of Vildeis____________________________1_.png

From Bestiaty 4

“Also known as the Cardinal Martyr, Vildeis endlessly sacrifices herself in penitence for the sins of the multiverse, every battle against evil giving her body one more wound with which she might shed bloody tears for existence. When Vildeis emerged from the Heavens, she was a being of sublime beauty, but of a majesty so delicate that she couldn’t suffer the sight or even the thought of evil. Within an hour of her birth, she had put out her own eyes, refusing to even gaze upon a reality tainted by sin. Since the first self-inflicted wound marred her once-perfect body, she has struggled against evil in all its forms. Denying herself home or rest, Vildeis harrows the wildest reaches of the multiverse, driving back the expansions of foul realms and slaying those who would do wicked deeds.”

The Temple of Infinite penitence clams that Vildeis herself once came to the aid of Discordia destroying a titanic creature off the coast that threaten to destroy the city Though victorious she was nearly killed and rested within the city until healed a few hours later. The Temple has a number of holy reliques from this day displayed within their walls. Yards of Bandage hang from the roof, stained with her blood.

Religion and Cults

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