Outlying areas


Rich farmland spreads out to the west and southwest of the city. Numerous crossroads fan out over feral land, spreading a working populous over miles of land. Often small village squares crop up at these crossroads. It may be as small as a single Inn and two or three shops to supply the closest farms, but a few have grown into small villages.

Logging Community

The Northern Wood is the only regular supply of wood for the city of Discordia. It builds the homes and the ships and keeps people warm. Because of the city’s endless need for lumber, a small town has been established at the woods edge to feed and supply lumber camps. Anyone with strong arms can get work in the camp and even a few without. Workers are always needed because of the high demand for wood but also because the woods are a dangerous place. It’s not uncommon for a logging crew to come across new or old bodies of those that went before them.

Northern Docks

The Northern Docks were started as a way to avoid taxes and smuggle goods into the city. Goods would be stored at the Northern Docks until they could be parcelled out into smaller loads and moved into the city. When the mines opened the docks became paramount in moving ore, and later refined metal, into the city.

The Pit.

What started as a small river panning camp grew and grew until over 200 years had past. The Pit mines have been found to be rich and diverse. An endless maze of tunnels now spreads deep into the earth while a blasted landscape of poisoned earth and sink holes covers miles of the surface.

Outlying areas

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