Uncle Allen
Highly influential man on Allen street. Seen as a leader and well respected by those living in the district.

“Uncle” Kaslof
There is always a deal be had at Old Kaslofs discount goods. You need pants? We Have Pants! You want sextant? I have Six tents! You need to get past “The Watch”? I have a old uniform! Only slightly used! Come on in, we have deals they die for!

The party discovered that someone named Jett told the watch that their stolen goods were on Allen Street. The search began in the Dye District looking for more information on who this Jett person is.

Information gathered on Jett:

  • Gnome
  • Bald
  • Agreeable but likes to negotiate a compromise
  • Red fingertips (member/associate of the Red Hands gang more red means deeper into the gang)
  • Bushy red eyebrows
  • Used to have a glass orb for divination, it was stolen and he continued to gather and sell information via other means
  • Tiny black eyes

Leader of the Red Hands. Rumoured to have sent the Watch after Allen Street by spreading false information as to the where abouts of some stolen goods. The party believes he has a safe house on an island on the south shore 2 miles after the wall.

Known as the “Right Hand” of the Red Hands. He is a tricky rogue and a master of deceit. The party chased Cole into the Barrows we he killed Widget. He was later killed by Lamont after Milah gathered information from him.

Known as the “Left Hand” of the Red Hands. Information gather by the party suggests that she is a mage.

Priest for the cult of the Empire and an acquaintance of Lemont. He currently opperates out of a back alley apartment in Discordia. Stokob was able to cure Iryani’s blindness caused by a pixie during a fight.


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