The City of Discordia has had many governing bodies over the years ranging from a dictatorship to an aristocracy. At this time there is a king with overruling power, but much of the daily dealings are handled by the tetrarchy (governed by 4)

The Azure King:

64 years ago the young Prince Joust returned from an exploratory mission to the south. He returned with many oddities and treasures that were gifted to his father and other members of the ruling houses. Though returning to many accolades, Joust became withdrawn, this only became more extreme after his father’s death two years later. In a declaration of mourning the castle was filled with blue.

The Azure King (as he is now known) has not been seen in public for over 50 years. Only his closest advisers are permitted into the castle and no guards stand at its gates. The tetrarchy maintains that this is just a symptom of Joust’s Xenophobia and depression brought on by the death of his father. With no children, the city will return to an aristocracy upon his death.

Though the king makes few demands of the city and seems to have little care in its governing when a decree comes, they are followed to the letter.

Alifean Woodswalk:

Master of the Northwood and all around asshole, Alifean is an elf that has given up on everything his people are known for except being pretentious He has a strong disdain for almost everything and often wants little to do with anyone. A lack of healthy grassland make him dependent on the Tillers for work animals and feed, but that is only until his breed masters can create a usable work goat.

Linda Longdock:

Owner and operator of the upper and lower docks, the Longdocks have a say in much of the trade that comes into the city.

The Northern Docks are a long standing thorn in their side, as they are the missing piece to their shipping monopoly.

Richard Tiller:

The Tiller family have been in control of most of the farmland for generations. Renting the farmland and controlling all of the mills rather than the farms themselves, they were able to make money off the farms without getting dirty.

Richard has been known to think of himself as a ladies’ man and has long sought to arrange a “merger” with Linda to secure a stronger hold on the food coming into the city

Elisabeth Silversands:

The Pits didn’t start as the Silversands’ operation but as a family of silversmiths that found they needed more and more material from the overpriced owners of the pit, a move had to be made. A portion of the land was legally bough to be worked and when a series of “accidents” made it hard for the previous owners to keep the mines in operation, as well as profitable, the Silversands were there to offer a buyout.

The Silversands find that the wood within their lands are mostly soft wood which is poor for tunneling and charcoal. Securing a long terms supply of such wood it paramount to their continued success.


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