The Justacars are the answer to an over loaded court system. Imbued with the will of the king, they stand for justice for all. A swift way to get a fair ruling so you don’t need to waste time in the courts. Their task is to seek out the crimes that bare down on the commen folk day to day. Commenly travelling in small units consisting of 1 Justacar and 3 deputies, they bring peace and order to the masses.

Or at least that was the promise.

Today they are something else.

The Justacars were founded 120 years ago and for about 70 of those years they were a point of pride for the city. Their funding comes from the fines they impose to keep order, charging a percentage on top the fine to support their institution. Normally acting in small units day to day, it is not uncommon to see a number of squads work together to tear down a larger organisation. Should an emergency arise, the Justacars have the right to deputize any members of the populace for duration no greater than 48 hours. Failure to join the cause can result in hefty fines. Those lost in the line of duty would have their family paid a severance package, these benefits are extended to any deputized populace.

As the justacars fell into corruption the fines have become larger and the percent they take greater. Few bother to call on them anymore, finding there judgments to be harsh for both parties. Often the Justacars seek out “injustices" just to levy more fines, bleeding people whenever they can. All of this money has gone to line the pockets of those collecting the money and to build more opulent stations to work from.


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