Boram’s Bandits
Boram’s Bandits is a small time thieves guild that operates out of a tavern called “The Catapult Inn” on Allan Street. The guild currently has eleven members.
Guild Members

  • Boram (halfling): Boram’s is the guild leader. He and his wife run The Catapult Inn.
  • Nehm (ratfolk): Nehm is one of the guilds burglars.
  • Peter (human): Peter is a ten year old boy who works as a pickpocket
  • Aradall (half-orc): Aradall works as the muscle of the group. Often misjudged by his gruff exterior, he is actually a well spoken and educated individual.
  • Hanna “Honey-Pot” (human): Hanna,often called Honey-Pot by her associates, is the second in command of the guild. She runs cons, her main method being seduction.
  • Victor and Verne Walker “The Walker Brothers” (humans): The Walker Brothers are identical twins and often use this to thier advantage when pulling off cons as a team.
  • Milah Rounder (catfolk): Milah is an orphan raised by the guild members starting out as a pickpocket working her way up to becoming a talented burglarer.

Red Hands

This gang has be about for around ten years but has only really been a force to worry about in the last three or four. They have had the odd conflict with Allen street in the past but have shown themselves to be too weak to be a real threat.

  • Hector: Gang leader
  • Cole: The right hand of the leader. His right hand is completely red
  • Sky: The left hand of the leader. Presumably has a a red lft hand. Is a woman.


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