City Districts

The main road that leads into the city and travels through it heart all the way to Kings Keep.

Allen street

Shadow street
The main street which travels parallel to the cities exterior wall. The street is named because it sees sunlight only briefly at mid day.

The Barrios
Once a densely populated part of the city filled with the working poor, it now is a haunted ruin. Only the most desperate venture into is twisted streets. The area was never recovered after the Night of Golden Skies by decree of Richard Tiller.

North Docks

Started as a way to avoid taxes at the city docks, the north docks have a long history of piracy and a shifty deals. When the pit moved from a small operation to a industrial one the North Dock became a some what more legimet operation. A number of smiths have set up here because of the low prices on raw goods which helps to maintain the small town.

Low Docks

Catering to those of a less savory character, the lower docks are full of independent ships and hard people. Though most are legitimate business, most would probably do a little dirty work on the side if the coin was right.

Upper Docks

The bulk of the cities trade flows through these ports. Large warehouses and trading companies take up much of the ajoning streets. Even the pirates insist on being called privateers.

Old Lumber Town

Small town of mostly abandon buildings. Was the primary lumber camp 50 years ago until a new camp was built up river. Parts are still in operation but the majority of the workers have moved up river.

New Lumber Town

Thriving town with a number of docks and saw mills. Most of the people here are employed by the lumber works. Those that aren’t make most of their money off those that are.

Island of Dust and Ash Necropolis

This small island in the center of Discordia deals with all of the city’s known dead. Areas of the island are arranged to deal with all types of dead right. Very few live on the island and all that do are work there.

Hill Gate

One part flea market, two parts beggars corner. A healty dash of pick pockets and a sprinkling of con men. The Hill Gate is the line between the working poor and the well employed. A larger bazaar has been established just to the east of the gate. This is often the only time the poor will see the rich. Most of the time it’s only as a blur of horse hoves and wagon wheels but a few will walk the market. It’s seen as a thrill among some nobles and a way to understand the common folk. Those with out their wits about them will often find a knife in the ribs for there efforts.

Sea View
The nicest place to live on the mainland. Small mannors and well tended apartment for the well to do merchants and artist.

Fishers Wharfs

Where the poor reach the sea. Many of the homes here have a small dock and a even smaller boat. Rarely sea worthy, the boats are enough to catch a few fish to keep a family from going hungry and some times eek out a living.

Iron Island

City controlled iron works and fort. Stock piles for the army and R&D for the army in chemistry and alchemy.

Temple Island

Named mostly for the large cathedral to the Eight Faced God where the Spine Way splits, there are more then a few churches and shrines on this island. Other than holy sights there is a number of high class shops and a large population of wealthy folk. The cliffs make this island a poor place for docks but one was built on its west side to ferry people to the Island of Dust and Ash

North and South Perth Islands

Home to may of the nuvo rich. People who made it big some how and want a place among the rich and powerful. Parks, restaurants, theaters for the island. From here it’s easy to see why some love the city.
Lower nobility and powerful business people make up most of the population. The island have no walls as the cliffs are a natural barrier from attack and the only fortification is at the island bridges. The people here are often seen as little better than painted whores by the nobility. Anyone can make a buck. It takes centerys to build a powerful family name.

Black Cliff Island

There are A number of estates on this island and little else There are few shops because the people here often have everything custom made. Anything else is orders by the help and delivered. There is little new construction as all the land has been in family forever and a day. The few that live are the power of the city. There word is law, only overruled by another there equal.

Kings Keep Island

The Heart of the city. This is where the bulk of official decrees are made and the ruling nobles meet. In the past the king would spend most of his time here but now his place is filled by his trusted servant and adviser Ya’gal. A large portion of the standing army is housed here as well with extensive barracks for offacers and enlisted.

Azure Island

Private palace and forturs of the king. Few ever enter the open gate. Even fewer return. The lowered bridge and open gates are anything but welcoming. Often seen as a mouth open in an endless silent scream.

City Districts

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