The City by the Sea

NPCs, The player the DM never says "no" to.

Dose the party need an npc?

experence points.
That which dosen't kill you...

So, how do people want to get experience points? Do you want to gain experience as a party so that everyone levels together or individually and will deal with stragglers in some fashion?

We could also do levels a little more abstractly and I dish them out as they are due. This option may make for a less bloodthirsty party as killing things doesn’t have a tangable award. Also alow for side quests that don’t effect the level curve.


Humble beginnings
When you start at the bottom, what is there to lose?

They came from the gutter but refused to stay there. For whatever their reason, they pulled themselves out and onto the spineway; the whole city was before them. A wise man would say that it would of been better to turn around and put the whole city behind them but heroes don’t often take the wise route, do they?

Character Decisions
Summoner, Alchemist or Fighter

Since Dave doesn’t seem to like my idea of PC swapping (shocking) I’ve decided that I should have a vote. Which ever character people seem to like the most will be played and the other two will be turned into NPCs. Below are the ideas of which I have:

Bridget Tinkerweasel
Class: Alchemist
Focus: Alchemy item creation, potions, healing vials, spell casting

Older of the two gnome siblings, Bridget acts as the shops production and main services handler. A very caring individual she often is willing to take other payments from those less fortunate often coming home with odd trinkets at the disdain of her more money conscious brother. After many alchemical accidents, Bridget has become very proficient at creating healing salves and other related tonics.

Widget Tinkerweasel
Class: Summoner
Focus: Tracker, spell casting, Eidolon

Younger of the two gnome siblings, Widget’s job is to retrieve rare ingredients for Bridget to make potions and tonics to sell. Widget’s Eidolon, a crab like toadstool parasite, is a good tracker and serves as Widget’s pet, mount and bloodhound. More concerned with the well being of the family, Widget is a little more money-centric then his sister but sees merit in her help of the poor. Widget would never tell her that though.

Carl Lungfish
Class: Fighter
Focus: Really big Hammer, being scary looking

This hulking reptile imposes more then just a scary face, his hammer is pretty intimidating as well. Long time friend of the Tinkerweasels, Carl acts as the two’s bodyguard, defending Bridget in seedier areas of the city and protecting Widget in dangerous cavern excursions. After, being saved during a particularly bad situation while traveling Carl was taken in as family, and Carl acts accordingly. His favorite food is fish.

more pointed questions.

Ok so I have a few ideas from this but
None of it is good for an over arching story.

I have some one that want to run a shop and a thief. And Matt seems to want to me a swashbuckling witch…. I have no idea what that looks like. Let’s brake it down a little.

Do you want to be from the bad side of town or the side with money?

Do you want to be heros? Or are you going to be out for yourself?

Do you want to have a pre formed party or have day one be meeting day?

Player Opinion Time

So this is where I test to see if this will be of great use or if it will be just a place to post info. You now have a chance to speak up and let me know how you want to fit into the city. I have a few ideas that would fit well in this campaign but that doesn’t mean it’s the only options. If one of you has a great idea and everyone likes it I’ll do my best to move things in that direction. If only you think it’s a cool idea I’ll try to make it a personal goal thread.

First a little overview of the city. Discordia is a city that had been built on top of its self for hundreds of years. It’s rumored to have been built during the age of monsters before the lesser races had a firm hold. It has been sacked and rebuilt, fallen apart and rebuilt more times than anyone knows. It has a strong strategic locating as well as fertile farm lands and a sheltered harbor, which is the obvious reason people keep coming back.

At this point in history the city is bursting we people with more than 100,000 in the city itself and countless others in the farmland, mines and lumber operations that make up the outlying region. With that many people you would expect a strong legal system, but it is just the opposite. Much of the city is left to govern itself resulting in very fractured and insular communities. The best way to survive is to join a Guild, Cult, Gang, House or any other group of people and pray they are better to their members then the average mob.

As you move out of the slums and Barrows and into the more respectable parts of town the brutality of the city moves off the streets and into dark rooms. You might not get stabbed walking down the street but the doesn’t mean someone won’t buy all of the Ale from the shipment you were expecting and leave your tavern dry or ruin your grain supplies in the dark of night leaving you nothing to bake your bread with.

City guard only exists in the middle to upper class areas and often only to keep the lesser rabble out. Its dog eats dog out there, and the rich just have better dogs.

This isn’t to say you can get away with attacking people in the streets and whole sale slaughter. It just means the people coming for you will likely not work for the city or care about “due process”

Being outside the empire and lacking much of a civil structure there is no “wizards guild”. Powerful and well schooled casters are hard time come by. Most casters are of the spontaneous variety and magic items are horded by the powerful. You will not find a “magic item shop”. Buying a magic item will be more of a chance encounter and should not be expected to be simple. The best hope for such a thing is a black market deal or maybe you’ll make a great friend that is able to make such things.

Religion is much the same in the city. There are no major gods with sway in the city but there are cults almost everywhere. The most popular is the eight faced god that is worshiped by almost anyone as it represents all walks of life and the struggle of survival. More to come on the major cults later

The city is run by five noble families and a king. The King is pretty much king because he is more powerful than the other families. The Five deal with most of the cities issues and jockey for power. None of them are really good people but none of them are out right monsters. More to come later.

Lastly, all players are to have a strong tie to the city. Family, lifelong friends, band of brothers, something. You are a part of this monstrosity somehow and have things to lose other then HP.

SO! That’s my Vision. Some of this may change as I build things as it’s hard to have a city without any structure but will see.

What do you want to do in there?

Do you want to be from the slums fighting other gangs trying to make your mark?

Are you middle class folk that want to make things better for the cites people?

Maybe you have been taken on as a special team by a noble to deal with his adversary.

Do you want to start your own Guild? Gang? Cult?

Maybe you’re more interested in the history of the city and why it has come to ruin so many times only to rise again from the rubble. What mysteries lurk under the paved streets?

No you can’t be batman…… well……… That’s not a half bad idea neither is it…

Talk to me!
Apply Comments!

Two old men

Two old men sit in a shop and to all the world they seem to hate each other, except if they really did, they wouldn’t have spent the last four hours arguing over everything from the price of wheat to the realm of gods.

“Marcus, If you think for one second that the Empire is the saving light of this world, you must have you head so far up your ass you can see light when you speak. Not only does the empire survive because of its endless conquest and slave trade, but it’s so corrupt that the gem of the Arma is a shit dusted with diamond sand. Your Noble houses with Rip that land apart one day and when it does the civil war will envelope all of us”

Marcus shakes his head endlessly at these comments muttering fool more than once. “And you think the free cities are better? You are the pinnacle of this world? Your still fighting each other more than anyone else. Arma solved that problem 1000 years ago. Hell you sold half your lands for peace with the Newminieans because your couldn’t get 3 lords in the same room long enough to agree on a plan to defend your self’s. Mark my words, they will be the end of you. Our Imperial mages will be the only thing that stops them.”

“PAH! Wizards this, Magic that! You milk that goat more than a poor rock farmer! I’m not so foolish as to think that they don’t have their uses but you putting all your might in a few soft eggs. There are mysteries in this earth that your folk have all but ignored! Just last week I saw a man lift to the heavens with nothing more than a silk bag and a well stoked fire! No Magic! You spend so much time in your dusty tomes you ignore the mysteries that this world was built on. That will be your downfall.

“listen to you Ya’gal talking of the heavens WE MADE HEAVENS! The empire is so great we MADE ARE OWN GODS!”

“WE both know your gods are a sham!”

The Two men just stare at each other smoldering for a few minuet, you might even think this will come to blows this time. Then one of them, Ya’gal reaches for his tea, blowing on it there expressions soften and they relax. A simple gesture that shows apologies and that they should move on to a new topic. One never agreed upon in words but over a half century of friendship both know and accept.

Ya’gal is the first to find new words. “I have heard of troubles to the north. We have move men to secure are borders. How fair things in your new expense. “

Rolling his head until looking at the ceiling for a moment Marcus shows his age, this is obviously a subject beaten to death in his works. “The Druids are proving a more cunning foe then we first though. Three more Legions have been deployed to the province doubling our standing army. There is even word of the Black tusks being deployed. After the flooding of Callabraia the senate had to pay attention or risk showing weakness. We defeated the Elves and the Orcs, these bush folk will be no difference.”

“Ah yes, but bring the elves to heel had a dear cost”

“Yes, very dear” Marcus pauses to sip at his tea while thinking, “you know these battles have moved at an odd pace. It’s almost like something was manipulating them to the greatest determent of all. Neither side is gaining any great victory at this time but causalities are oddly high on both sides. I fear that there is some third hand I don’t know of yet”

Ya’gal’s eyes twinkle in the dim light “you fear the Aeon are unmaking your armies?”

“Pah, nothing so grand. Though it would explain the lack of bodies, maybe a mountain witch eh?” Marcus chuckles. “You’re not without troubles here are you not? Do you expect another uprising? “

Ya’gal’s glee quickly slips away. “By the eight faces I hope not, it was nearly twenty years ago we put down the last one and still the barrows are a scab on this city. I tell them to restore the sector, give them something to live for. If they rebel again there is hardly anything to take from them to put them back in line before we move to the sword. But no, the Five wish to let it stand as a warning. The issue is the ones that will rebel don’t remember it as it once was so they don’t see a warning, just a deeper injustice.”

“It’s a fools plan built on personally grief and blind revenge.” Marcus spat, “It would have been better to sink the island back into the sea and let the waters wash it clean from memories. It worked before”

“Ssssssss watch your tongue Marcus, it only works so long as no one knows. If anyone got wind that the Left Hand had anything to do with that, there be more than an uprising.”

Marcus, blowing on his already cold tea, takes a sip. “Fine, fine.”

“So then how is the Numinnian quarter working out? It’s been what 6 years?”

“Eight” Ya’gal sighed, “They still make people nervous, but can you blame them? They are huge and it’s almost imposable to tell what is passing though there lizard brains. You would think they would eat all of the cities foods but they don’t consume that much. Wood and coal on the other hand, they can never have enough of it.”

“Is it true they can regrow there limbs?”

“No, they are cold bloods, not troll bloods. That said they can heal at a remarkable rate. More than a few nobles have taken their warriors as part of their person guard. No positions of note mind you, but they do make good arrow fodder.”

“I fear the stench would keep me from ever seeing them as anything but animals” Marcus muttered into his cup.

“Mmm… well we all have are flaws, perhaps if you Imperils didn’t keep your noses so high in the air it wouldn’t be an issue.”

“Maybe if this city didn’t reek of sulphur you would be able to unbury your nose from scarf!”

“Ho! I bet you would like that? Not likely Marcus. Not while the Empire breathes down our neck”

Turning his cup upside down on his plate Marcus stands “hrum, well I can see this conversation has become as empty as my cup. Next week then Ya’gal?”

“No I need to spend some time in the other districts A count of open land is being done.”

“The week after then?”

“Yes, the week after”

And they part.

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