The City by the Sea

Jett - Cold Hard Snitch
And a brush with justice
After a week of asking, hunting, cajoling, and threatening the whereabouts of Jett came into focus. He proved to be fairly easy to track down once his enigmatic ways were pinned down and required little convincing to lay out what he knew.

During the hunt the party stirred the pot a little too hard and brought themselves to the attention of the “Red Hands”. A warning was sent which resulted in a fight and a brush with the Justacars. The Red Hands were left in the dust, captured by the Justacars and executed for their past and present crimes.

Lamont was made clean which revealed that he may be a man of more mean than his demeanour would leave you to believe.

The hunt for Jett settled and Uncle Allen looking into where the Red Hands’ hideouts are, the party was able to look into some others issues including a favour for Widget.

Bridget and Carl are MIA and with news that their whereabouts are still unknown the party has moved out to find them.

The trip to the old logging camp was uneventful but in the early hours of night Iryani was attacked by a foul gremlin and narrowly escaped to the safety of the party.

It seems that a good nights rest is not in store for the group.

And they're off.
Chase ver 2.0

After the unexpected battle of monkeys the party ran after their target. They went off the main roads and onto the side roads. Over rivers and hills and down to the beach. There were logs and bogs and a host of others issues ending in a run up the beach to a sea side cave.

Once in the cave the party dealt with a small batch of skeletons left to ambush them before moving deeper into the cave. The body of the mark was found with two more skeletons by an incave lake still and lifeless.

Upon investigation the mark was discovered to be alive but paralyzed. Unfortunately the movement of the body brought their presence to the attention of a huge water spider.

The battle was quick and brutal but victory was claimed.

Much of the party was on hand for the handoff of the loot. Nothing is really known of the man receiving the item but it was a diamond skull about the side of a baby’s head.

That done the party has moved back to looking for the gnome Jett, though some are thinking more of a different gnome that seems to be absent.

Fuck the Watch
and Sack of Monkeys
After nabbing all of the files from Captain Richards’ desk and making a daring escape into the night, Milah found little information to help the group in the files. That done, the party paid a late night visit to Captain Richards. It didn’t take long for the party to overpower Richards and get him to convey the information the party needed. They reported what they knew to Uncle Allan. The Information that led to the search of Allan Street came from a man named Jett. He will be the next step in the hunt for answers.

But before the search for Jett was to begin, Milah got word from Victor and Vern that there was a little Job they could do to make some money and stick it to someone trying to curry favor with Tiller.

A little ambush was set up and the wagon attacked. With the guards subdued the party cracked open the carriage door to get the prize only to find…. MONKEYS! A swarm of monkeys and 4 baboons! Upon dealing with the sack of monkeys a secrets door popped open and the passenger escaped on one of the horses into the night.

Looking for answers

After the Allan street raid, Uncle Allan gathered together a group of reasonably capable people from the neighborhood and set them to task.

The party was told to look into the attack and discern its reasons. With no real leads they befriended a few members of “The Watch” and learned that the orders had come from Captain Richards.

A daring evening heist took place at Richards’ watch tower which resulted in a number of files being grabbed, a brief fight, and a dive off the roof.

What, if anything, was discovered is yet to be seen.

The Raid
" Getting to know you, Getting to know all about you. "

It was an average day on Allen street. Not calm, it’s never really clam, but no more Chaotic then the every day. That is until The Watch decided to flip the whole place upside down and shake it to see what came loose. They didn’t care if it was home or business, they just marched in, gave a pretty broad search and left. Sure they stabbed and arrested anyone that resisted, or anyone that questioned them… or anyone they thought might resist or question them. But that’s how they work.

Their first mistake was to put a spear in Uncle Allen. That got the whole street riled up. That became apparent pretty quick. The second mistake was a lot harder to see. It seems their roundup pushed a bunch of folk together that normally wouldn’t have a lot to say to one another. A group that might want to see if they can’t make things just a little better around Allen Street.

NPCs, The player the DM never says "no" to.

Dose the party need an npc?

experence points.
That which dosen't kill you...

So, how do people want to get experience points? Do you want to gain experience as a party so that everyone levels together or individually and will deal with stragglers in some fashion?

We could also do levels a little more abstractly and I dish them out as they are due. This option may make for a less bloodthirsty party as killing things doesn’t have a tangable award. Also alow for side quests that don’t effect the level curve.


Humble beginnings
When you start at the bottom, what is there to lose?

They came from the gutter but refused to stay there. For whatever their reason, they pulled themselves out and onto the spineway; the whole city was before them. A wise man would say that it would of been better to turn around and put the whole city behind them but heroes don’t often take the wise route, do they?

Character Decisions
Summoner, Alchemist or Fighter

Since Dave doesn’t seem to like my idea of PC swapping (shocking) I’ve decided that I should have a vote. Which ever character people seem to like the most will be played and the other two will be turned into NPCs. Below are the ideas of which I have:

Bridget Tinkerweasel
Class: Alchemist
Focus: Alchemy item creation, potions, healing vials, spell casting

Older of the two gnome siblings, Bridget acts as the shops production and main services handler. A very caring individual she often is willing to take other payments from those less fortunate often coming home with odd trinkets at the disdain of her more money conscious brother. After many alchemical accidents, Bridget has become very proficient at creating healing salves and other related tonics.

Widget Tinkerweasel
Class: Summoner
Focus: Tracker, spell casting, Eidolon

Younger of the two gnome siblings, Widget’s job is to retrieve rare ingredients for Bridget to make potions and tonics to sell. Widget’s Eidolon, a crab like toadstool parasite, is a good tracker and serves as Widget’s pet, mount and bloodhound. More concerned with the well being of the family, Widget is a little more money-centric then his sister but sees merit in her help of the poor. Widget would never tell her that though.

Carl Lungfish
Class: Fighter
Focus: Really big Hammer, being scary looking

This hulking reptile imposes more then just a scary face, his hammer is pretty intimidating as well. Long time friend of the Tinkerweasels, Carl acts as the two’s bodyguard, defending Bridget in seedier areas of the city and protecting Widget in dangerous cavern excursions. After, being saved during a particularly bad situation while traveling Carl was taken in as family, and Carl acts accordingly. His favorite food is fish.

more pointed questions.

Ok so I have a few ideas from this but
None of it is good for an over arching story.

I have some one that want to run a shop and a thief. And Matt seems to want to me a swashbuckling witch…. I have no idea what that looks like. Let’s brake it down a little.

Do you want to be from the bad side of town or the side with money?

Do you want to be heros? Or are you going to be out for yourself?

Do you want to have a pre formed party or have day one be meeting day?


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