Last of the Red Hands


Sky- As a child Sky was often hot tempered and quick to throw a temper tantrim. Her parents tried there best to disaplin her but of often they didn’t have the time or the will to truely guide her right. When she was a teenager, during a fight with her father, sky struck him with a hot pan. The blow burned him serverly and left him concused. After that she was on her own.

It wasen’t long before she joined a street gang in the dyeing district. After mugging a rough wizard, Sky took ownership of his spellbook. Fascinated by its contents she began studying it. Deep in here blood there was a magic that was awoken. Having never be properly taught she forced the magic to work to her will. She cracked the doors of power and took all she could carry. This made here a formidably member of the gang and gave here a place at the left hand of the gang leader ( Hector).

After the death of Hector and the loss of her home Sky drifted in the city for a time until crossing paths with Kalin. Kalin needed someone with arcane powers to activate his new cannon and Sky needed a home and structure. She has quickly made a place for her self by Kalins side much to the glares of the rest of the crew.



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