The City by the Sea

The Heart of Injustice

Lamont Journal entry
Date Fifth of Tor’raag

By the mercy of Mehgaia, what have I done?

Things had been going so well. We had a safe place to live. I was making inroads with the people in a number of districts. In a year or two I would of had the sway to make things better. Maybe establish a fair type of law and start to clean up Low town.

Then I knocked out a Justacar and threw him at their compound gates.

I mean, they need to be stopped, that was a given. They’re so corrupt they hurt the people more than help, but I need allies for this. I don’t want to replace them with something just as awful. I know that the districts are thick with crime but I might have to leave that for another day. Am I failing the order if I’m only moving thing’s forward but not fixing it completely? I need help. I hope I don’t regret contracting them. The empire is pretty distrusted here.



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