The City by the Sea

Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

“Bring down the Justicars” sounds fun on paper, but then you find out that’s the header for document T17b-2 and the only way to decipher that script is in a bari-solici… Lawyer school. We hired a lawyer. Someone Vesper found through her weirdo connection in high town. He has connections to the people who vote on laws, so he talks to them and then we talk to them and…

So 2 unsurprising rejection letters later we took a more direct approach and offered our services to the Longdock family. Well, what started out as some lady in the back room turned out to be some head of the household and the conversation got a lot less vague. We need to get this plan ironed out because no one’s interested in replacing a good enough system with a mystery system. At least those least affected by it anyway.

So, some of of her ships have gone missing on their way up north and we’ve been sent out to investigate and solve the problem. Before we headed out we hired on a wild man from the north, some guy a friend of Milah knows. We met a few friends-of-friends this past week.

We set sail and after meeting a few other vessels, none of whom seemed to know anything solid, we encountered my brother. It was the nicest I’ve seen him act in a while He said he’s been getting some quasi-legitimate work and more importantly, hasn’t been sinking any Free City ships. He’s picked up some new crew in the ever-sane Sky from the Red Hands so I’m guessing she can fire the cannon for him. She tried to start something with Vesper but that got shut down quickly and we parted ways. Something’s bothered me about that whole meeting but I can’t put my finger on it.

Since then we’ve encountered another pirate ship, I’m writing this as we help them close with us. It’s clear they aren’t the scourge of the seas but I’m hoping they know something.

Kalin never commented on the eye patch. Shit. It’s him and now he knows we’re looking for him.


I would of also accepted " I’m on a boat" As the 2nd title.

Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

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