The City by the Sea

St. Owens: Harmless Abandoned Asylum, or Clever Death Trap

It all started yesterday. No, it goes further back than that; I just haven’t put all of the pieces together yet, but I will. I suppose the most relevant point is that Hector, former leader of the RED Hands (that part’s important) told us about the property he sold off to some politician from the upper crust. I haven’t determined who yet, but the clues are there, I can feel it.

Well, Lamont just marched us all right over there and lo and behold, the door locks behind us. Or did it? He checked the door and claimed it wouldn’t budge knowing very well that WE know he’s the strongest among us and wouldn’t check. If I wasn’t pretending to sleep I’d go check right now but I can’t ruin the illusion. It’s really hard to write sideways, but at least charcoal doesn’t drip. So, we soon encounter Lamont’s plant, Nate Drake, whom I’m now convinced is here to replace me once Lamont figures out how to finish me off. He claims to be a librarian which is definitely a cover story, and all he does is read, which is surely a ploy to catch me off guard.

Then there’s that elf girl in the hall who didn’t count on me seeing in the dark. She might be poisoning the food, but I’m not sure who she works for or with. Everyone, or everyTHING else seems to attack us on sight. Everyone wants me dead but the people I’ve surrounded myself with need my trust before they can betray me! I’ve started walking a few paces behind them as I’m sure that they’re all in this together; Lamont is somehow masterminding this.

I’m not sure what the connection is, but we’ve encountered some strange bug people, blue beasts that travel in packs with zombies, screaming ghosts, and some weird snakes flying in the courtyard.

The blue beast don’t deserve much note aside from being the first real clue into Lamont’s intentions. It was HE who made us approach from the front. I knew an ambush was imminent and, oh! I got surrounded of course but I was too cunning and escaped without much incident.

The ghosts were in some old patient cells. I wish I knew who checked them when we explored the building initially, but they clearly hid these things from me. Conveniently, I was assaulted immediately and blacked out briefly. I woke up before anyone could finish me off, though Lamont was hovering over me, likely about to strike.

The flying snakes are possibly from the strange portal in the SKY (more on this later) and seem to be trapped by the fluctuating nature of that portal since we encountered them during the day when it seems to be closed. I think they were an accident of the whole plan as they seemed most harmful to Lamont.

It was after this that the second bug who escaped the first fight made his presence known, capturing the elf girl (a third agent in all of this mess) and holding her in one of the operating rooms. Lamont insisted we rescue her, perhaps seeking a new ally. They wouldn’t let me question her about the poisoned food, but she told us about the people in yellow robes that would visit the 8 statues in the courtyard on occasion. Lately, lines have begun to glow on the ground, connecting them all together though I don’t recognise the shape.

So, we have RED hands, and YELLOW robes, which makes orange. Orange is the opposite of blue (which I am, by the way) clearly aligning them against me. Furthermore, orange is the opposite of apple. “Apple of my EYE” and there’s a portal in the SKY that looks like an EYE, and SKY is the name of the one Red Hands member that escaped. The robes themselves mean that the wizards are involved, so there’s big magic at play here, and this land was allegedly purchased by some politician from the upper crust.. Wait, the Azure King! Azure is also blue! They’re after the king and I’m to be just some not-so unfortunate casualty! Damn you Lamont, you want the throne for yourself. You tricked me with your “running away from responsibility” story!

If I live through the night, I’ll check the front door on my own and make my escape. Lamont wants to head out to the courtyard tonight under the full moon for what I can only assume is some horrible sacrifice, but I have to play along for now.



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