The City by the Sea

Long Dark Road

“Home in the cliffs” was a bit of an understatement. More like expansive manor with multiple wings and wait staff. We rowed up to the base of the cliff a good hundred feet below the hole the mangled drake clambered its way into, spliced some rope together and sent Vesper, who apparently climbs like a spider, up the cliff with rope in tow. She secured the rope and we all climbed up without much issue. Once up top, turns out, the cave dropped another 60-some feet and with the rope securing the boat down below we had to climb down with no rope to help. After watching everyone else fall I opted to float down and not get hurt.

Well, Lamont had to take his armour off to get anywhere on the rocky wall so Milah helped him armour up but we were attacked by some giant centipedes before he could finish. Despite being so big, they went down pretty quickly and we moved on. The cave would dip suddenly into pools of water and I’d scout ahead to make sure the group could make it before running out of air.

We came to a crossroads of sorts soon after, the floor coated in a strange, dried slime, but before we could think about where to go some giant snails dropped on us from the ceiling. Cyrus reminded us that earlier he’d suggested we look up while walking around. Apparently his eyes don’t work in the upward direction, so now there’s snails. These snails had some swinging arms they attacked us with, and while their shells were tough to crack, they were practically immune to magic. I hear that a blast of magic missiles I loosed hit Vesper when the snail started glowing like I was hallucinating. Well, my pistols water-logged so I pretty much sat the fight out while everyone else tore into the giant buggers.

Cyrus found some blood down one of our corridor options in the cave that led us to another water-filled dip in the cave, this one filled with sea water, I discovered as I scouted the area ahead. This one was a little longer but no real problem, until I went to turn around and had 3 corridors I could have come from. I cursed my short memory and took the wrong path right into a devlifish (apparently) who really wanted a hug, but I was having none of that. It grabbed me but I stunned it and met up with the group, and told them about the danger. We talked it over and wound up trying to bait it out by chumming the water with dead snail. That did nothing, and smelled gross and even I held my breath as we begrudgingly trudged the distance ignoring the tentacle-fish as it struggled to get a hold of Lamont. We made it, and I discovered that big old bolt of lightning spread out into a cone of electric death underwater. At least it didn’t backfire, I just wanted to remind devil fish who was boss. He seemed unconvinced, but we made the span of water safely anyway.

(to be continued)



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