The City by the Sea

It Takes Two

As we expected, the pirates we let catch up with us were no real threat. Their captain took a beating for sure, but that new hired muscle is working out pretty well so far. Their ship was in rough shape but that gave us our next clue. Something attacked them from above off some coastal cliffs about a day’s sail from where we’d met. I was just relieved to hear it wasn’t my brother that attacked them. They’d likely be dead if that were the case, dead or lucky. At least it’s not my brother we’re out here for, maybe he has sort of changed. No, I don’t believe that.

The pirates had taken some captives from another ship they’d sunk, but it seems to be the only one but we picked up a few barrels from one of the lost shipments and left the prisoners to sail this ship to the nearest port, with the few remaining pirates captive. I’m sure I could have found a home for them aboard my ship but I wasn’t going to argue the point against so many conflicting views, and time wasn’t exactly something we had a lot of.

We set sail for the cliffs based on the pirate ship’s navigation charts and logs and soon found ourselves nearing a rocky shore. It would be too dangerous to get much closer but before we could think much more on it, we noticed what turned out to be a pair of sea drakes circling above. They closed on the ship, diving below at the last minute and reemerging to starboard to blast us with their electric breath attack. They then landed which proved to be the death of one as Lamont tore a hole in it with a glowy god smash I’ve not seen before. That and the double-sized barbarian dropping on it. The other fled to its home in the cliffs, but our work was only half done and it would be next.

And Vesper turned into a zombie baby in case anyone started to think she wasn’t creepy.



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