The City by the Sea


Journal entry by Lamont de Re'lon

It has been too long since the events at St. Owens for me to recall them clearly. Honestly, I don’t think I even understand everything that happened. We were trapped in there. It was full of creatures that seemed to spring from your nightmares. Beak faced hounds with tentacle manes, slick faceless winged humanoids, asnake made of Chaos.

The place seemed to feed on our minds. Some worse than others. I didn’t sleep the whole time there. I faced nightmares ever night. Iryani seemed to lose her mind after we were attacked by a batch of shades or ghosts or some kind of specter. At that point I had to pull her along like a wet cat.

In the end we figured out that the garden was the source of it all. Under the earth there was a huge magic circle ( more on that later) tied to 8 statues. They were drawing energy and making a bridge to gods know where. So we did what any reasonable person would, we smashed them.

This was alot harder than expected. We needed to break all of the statues, but each hit triggered some kind of defensive magic which made us sick or paralyzed us. Sometimes it created a temporary madness. it was hard, but we did get down to the last one in one piece more or less.

The last statue proved the most harmful every blow that fell on it screamed out, echoing in our minds. It created bouts of confusion which were enough to make Iryani and Vesper try and kill each other. I’m not sure how Iryani survived that, she must be blessed by Nim.

In the end it was just myself and Milah and she had fallen prey to the statues madness. I shrugged off her occasional attack and destroyed it. I had hoped that with the statue gone Milah would revert back to herself but the damage was longer lasting then that.

I needed to insure Iryani was alive. I needed to check on Vesper and that girl that was fliting around the place. I couldn’t do that with Milan flipping back and forth between knowing who I am and trying to kill the closest thing to her. So I knocked her out. I’ll always remember that look of betrayal in her eyes when she had a flash of conscious just before the last blow. She will be fine. The healer says they just need time. I think I needed time too. That’s why I took charge of the house on the island.

All that was two months ago. Everyone seems to have gotten better except Vesper. In the throes of madness her affliction has spread. It’s stable again, but it is disconcerning. We need to find a way to turn Cain’s eye away from her, but this will take time.

After we were away from the city I hired some people to dig up the garden at St. Owen’s to insure there was nothing left of the magic circle. We found that the pattern had been made of gold which was somehow melted into the earth. We dug it all up and I used some of it to pay for the demolition of the building. It’s gone now. Some more of the money was put aside to run the house. I guess I’ll split the rest with everyone, I don’t need this much and it’s not like I’m going to start buying fancy horses and a lance.

I’ll send a report back to the Order sometime soon too. They should know about this. I should investigate who built those statues. I should be back in that City helping people. I should be protecting anyone I can but when I see the smoke from that city on a clear day, my hands shake and I worry that to save anyone, I’m going have to burn that city to the ground and sink it into the sea to put out the fires.


Thanks for the wrap up; I’ve been waiting for this one.


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