The City by the Sea

Cat's in the Cradle
or a least my Dad thinks I'm still cradle sized...

After a lot of searching we managed to find the same spot that I found the locket in. And when we finally found it, in strolled my Dad! But something wasn’t right. He seemed confused. He thought I was still a kitten and didn’t seem to notice how bad everything around him was. It was like he was completely ignoring the trauma….huh…do I do that? I finally convinced him to take us to see mom. He said she wasn’t feeling well so I thought maybe the Abbott could take a look at her.

Dad lead us back to my old home. There was buildings falling down everywhere and we had to climb over some rubble to get to my childhood apartment. Mom was there but I could see right through her. Dad didn’t even seem to noticed. We tried talking to her but she just kept going about “making dinner” as if no one was there. I pulled the locket out I was wearing and Dad immediately got excited that I had found it. I gave it back to him and as soon as he put it on Mom started to pay attention to him and answering him, but she still didn’t notice me. We figured I needed to find something from my childhood that connected me to my mom. We started searching the house and found a few things but nothing that seemed to do the trick. That’s when I remembered my stuffed Dire Rat Patches. It was my favourite toy growing up.

We started searching for it in the other areas of the apartment building. This became very difficult as there were these creepy shadow monsters that attacked us from several of the rooms. And Thomas went absolutely bonkers and started attacking Abbott Cooper! And laughing! It was very unnerving. The Abbott was beside himself and we all tried to knock Thomas out without hurting him. He was clearly possessed by something evil. Cyrus was starting to lose his cool and really hurting Thomas but we were able to knock Thomas unconscious before any damage was done. The demon was expelled and finally we were able to continue our search.

We ended up outside of the building when we heard this voice from inside a different building calling for help. It was someone who was trapped inside by the collapsed buildings. It didn’t make much sense that someone could survive that long but we tried moving the rocks anyways. Iryani turned into a cloud in slipped inside to check it out. She wasn’t in there very long when she came flying back out and told us to put all the rocks back. I guess she didn’t find something very nice in there.

After searching many different apartments I managed to find Patches. We headed back up to my Mom and Dad and it worked! Mom recognized me. I only had a chance to say a few words and tell her that I loved her before she faded away. When she was gone it was like a cloud lifted from my Dad’s head and he suddenly recognized what was going on around him. I’m sad that my Mom is gone, but Dad is still here and now he can come home with us!

We started heading back to the wall but first my Dad needed to pick a few things up from the apartment he was staying. That’s when I started to hear something calling….it was the red-handed man! I almost forgot! I need to get my sword back…it is on buddy! Grrrr!

The Little Old Lady Who Lived in ...the middle of a desolate area surrounded by skeletons and other terrifying undead creatures

We were totally surrounded by skeletons and golem creatures but we could handle it no problem. Then out of no where zombie red-hand guy leaps on top of me knocking me over. THUD! I hit the ground; Hisssss!. What a jerk! I started fighting him and he managed to steal MY SWORD! Ugh I’m so mad! I started to chase after him but then Lemont and everyone started yelling something about a giant undead scary thing and running in my direction. I had to slow down so I wouldn’t leave them behind, but that means that I lost him and my sword. Booo :( I’ll have to get it back. Good thing I have a spare.

After we found some shelter we decided to split up and let the sneaky quiet people scout ahead. Cyrus, Iryani and myself went to go check out this smoke we saw coming from a house. I tried to peek in but couldn’t really see everything but they definitely sounded alive and humanoid. Cyrus went back for help, but I decided to keep going forward. They might know something about my parents. Turns out it was actually the missing soldiers. The abbot was able to heal them up and we sent them on their way with a flare to get back to the wall.

The next thing we found was really weird. In the middle of this horrible crumbly undead filled place there was the apartment with the best yummy smell coming out of it. I knocked on the door hoping for another clue and was met by this very sweet old lady. She fed us tea and cinnamon buns. Cyrus ate and drank a lot of it. It was pretty delicious. The new guy didn’t seem too happy about the situation. I don’t know what his problem was. Maybe he doesn’t like cinnamon buns? Anyways, I asked her about my parents but she didn’t seem to know anything. She did have these crazy sticks we got to pick though. Some people got stronger and better when they picked the sticks. Some sticks are going to let us call outsiders. One of the sticks turned into a treasure map for me. At the end, one stick just fell out in front of us. The little old lady was very nice, she told us to throw the last stick in the street when we got outside, so we did. It turned into this huge fountain with heroic stuff all over it. We drank from the fountain and it seems like something happened although I’m not sure what.

Now we will have to continue on our journey. We haven’t found any clues about my parents yet and I’m starting to worry about how long we’ve been here and what else might be lurking around the corner.

Family Portrait

After our weird run in with the king and his thing about family and happiness yadi yada, I suddenly remembered the locket I found in the Barrios. It had a picture of my mom in it. We were so busy since then I had complete forgotten. I decided to bring it up with my friends, which now means a trip back to that scary place of my childhood. Makes my tail go pooffy, but if the King says yadi yada family and happiness….I guess you should listen.

So we headed to the place but on the way totally got ambushed by crazy justicars. It took a while but we managed to win the fight.

We finally made our way to the wall and had to convince the guards to let us through. I had to do some explaining about the incident leading to our pictures being on the wall. Captain Swan decided to allow us to go through and we agreed to watch for some guards that went in previously and hadn’t yet returned.

The biggest problem was that I couldn’t remember where I found the locket so we had to wander around until I started to recognize something! That took a really long time cause tracking is just not my thing and this place is scary so I managed to block most of our last trip here out of my memory. I did start to recognize some buildings but that’s when the monsters started showing up. Ugh! I hope I find my family cause this is going to be super traumatic!

New Kid on the Block
Are you tough enough?

Maybe we overdid it, but with our magic enhancements cast before we attacked the tree, we took care of it pretty decisively. Lamont was quite literally on fire, but not in a bad way. Like, righteous fury fire and not holy shit, the tree lit me on fire. Poor Milah, meanwhile, couldn’t get a chip out of the thing.

With the tree hacked to bits, we burned the corpses it had collected and went on our way, never to return to Von Roshak’s manor again, probably.

High on our gardening glory, our tree termination, our shrubbery shut down, we stopped at Boram’s.. Er, Milah’s actually, to celebrate. Turns out a Justicar’s been looking for Lamont, not to shut him down, no, this was one of the handful of honest ones that the “guild” told us about. After what I can only imagine to be an awkward encounter in the restroom, Lamont shows up with this guy and long story short, he’s coming with us on the ship as we dump our box full of skeleton into the ocean.

In other, ship-related news, there’s a race around the point coming up in a few weeks and you know I entered that. Didn’t see the Wakecaster on the roster so no unexpected visits from my brother. I’ll be getting the crew and ship ready as well as taking some time to bank some magic to use in a pinch, plus a magic item or two if things get hairy. The rules seem vague but we’re not supposed to attack the other ships. Not sure how strictly the competitors follows the rules but I… Won’t promise anything. I’ll try to make it a good show.

Also, Milah finally revealed that she found something in the Barrows; a locket with a picture of her Mom in it. She wants to investigate, and soon, I think.

It's a Bittersweet Symphony This Life

I’m not even sure where to start, the past two days have been such a blur.

I have the diamond to resurrect Pavel but Bob the Unbending wanted an extra day to prepare and made me feel some bad for being sceptical, and I had to read a chunk of the Arma book about a guy named Micah for the ceremony, but one day later and Pavel’s back and it’s so strange being so happy immediately after being so sad.

Meanwhile, Vesper up and left after we all got together to talk two nights ago. I hadn’t even noticed I was so busy, but it’s weird that she’s gone now. Yesterday she came by to inform us that we could destroy the horrible nightmare tree in Von Roshak’s manor with the condition that we’re no longer welcome at his estate. He was, I don’t know. Okay. A shame we don’t have access to his powerful wizardry any longer, I guess.

On top of everything else, the skeleton in the box is definitely fully formed, and yelling at and threatening us in Elven, and my ship returned home and not a moment too soon. Unknown to me, somehow, is that they were returning with the giant healing crystal we found in that cave a few months back. It’s here now and I finally got Lamont to care about it long enough to get it moved where he wants it.

So, I’m just overwhelmed and we’re heading out to kill an undead tree monster thing soon so I’m going to blow off some steam there and then I can focus on making sure Pavel recovers.

PS: I have a skeleton I need to dump in the ocean.

PPS: Oh yeah, we need to find the Red Hands’ stash. We’ve been here for how long and completely forgotten?

PPPS: I need a break and I think the only one I’m getting involves dumping a skeleton in the ocean.

Breaking up is hard to do

I would say it was nice to sleep in my own bed again but i can’t say i slept much. We did the job. But with a price. poor paval finally found his bravery and though he saved Iryani he got himself killed. Iryani wants to bring him back but I’m sure he has found his way to his paradice. It will be hard to convince him to come back.

We got back to the house late in the day. We needed to finish up with the Silversands and clear up our mess. She seemed to take it all in stride even the part about Cyress sleeping with her Daughter. I thought of saying something to easy nerves but my cup was empty, my throat was like dust and all the servants seemed to have vanished. The remaining assassins were deposited with the watch and the bodys were taken back with use. They lent us a wagon for the day to make our travels easier.

When we got home, i think everyone was done with each other. Cyress went to the docks, Milah went to play with the children, Iryani went with Niall to talk to Bishop Robert about Paval. At dinner is was only myself and Vesper. It was pretty quit. I’m going to bed early tonight if i can stop thinking about what i’m doing and how much im asking of these people.

Well today started out well enough. Everyone had thing they needed to do and set off on there tasks. The most i saw of them was a flash of Milahs tail as she hopped into the boat with the Niall.

This did give me a chance to finally spend some time with Robert and get to know the people that came with him. We had tea with the other two clerics that came with him. It’s nice to see other members of the faiths. We don’t want to be too heavy sided in one faith.
I got to spend some time with the other Paladins under the command of Sofia De Re’lon. She carries herself well and i can see her going far. The others with her look like they are fresh out off the training halls and i worry about what they can handle. I’ll have to be sure any tasks they take on are appropriate.

After that i walked through the rest of the camp and talked to many of the troops and crafts people. All good salt of the earth folk. We chatted for a bit, got to know a few of them met some of the children. I think one of them rubbed there face on my legs because my pants have a sticky spot now.

We spent time planning the rest of the construction and talking about what resources came with them. It felt like a good productive day. Iryani even told me that she was able to get the components she needed for the spell and that her ship was back with the great stone. That all went sideways after dinner.

I don’t even remember how this came to head. Vesper complained to me that Niall had attacked them which didn’t make sense. I tried out get a straight answer out of her but she danced around the truth like she did on that dance floor. After dinner i decided we needed to have a talk about this.

Cyres seems to be the best source of straight information so I asked him about the day. Long story short Meredoth is showing himself to be more of the monster i expected him to be. This ghoulish tree is the kind of thing my order was founded on dealing with.

I told Vesper that this thing can not be left to stand. That i will not try to save this city by sacrificing the tenets of my order. She told me she would bring my words to Meredoth.

When i went to speak to her later that night she did not answer her door. When i looked into the room all of her belongings were gone.

Oh What a Night!

How did they get all of these trees inside?! This place is amazing. Little snacks are just running around on the buffet table. I don’t understand why I can’t seem to catch one. I was really hoping to share it with Lamont. He looks awesome in his Lion costume…meow! So many people with shiny shiny baubles. But I have to focus on the task at hand. Protect the birthday girl. Ok, I might have gotten a bit distracted. But I met this catman. His name was Arjun Kala. I thought at first it was a costume but he actually was a cat! I don’t see very many others like me around, although his hand were backwards which was kind of weird. So I spent some time dancing with him, he was super nice. Turns out he works for Tiller. Maybe he can help us out getting Tiller on our side. I hope I get to meet him again.

But focus….I have a job to do and we completely lost Cyrus and Anna. So we split up to find them and that’s when I noticed this furry wolf staring down at me from a balcony. It looked very suspicious so I headed up there. Turns out my kitty sense was right and the wolf had already cleared a spot for a duel. I’m always up for a challenge so I took it on. I was a bit surprised to find out it had an actual tail but I managed to defeat it and tie it up for the guards to deal with.

I found my way back to Lamont and discovered that Vesper had dispatched another assassin and the Abbot had dealt with some giant octopus thing. Unfortunately one of the assassins killed Paval who was trying to save Iryani. I didn’t get the full story because we still hadn’t found Cyrus and Anna and the Abbot was very concerned. So the only place we hadn’t looked at this point was the hedge maze. We headed out there as a group just as Cyrus and Anna were exiting the maze. They definitely looked like there had been a scuffle but it seems as though Cyrus had taken care of the last of the assassins so the rest of the evening should run smoothly.

And that’s when the most surprising thing of this whole event happened. The king showed up! No one has seen him in years! He was there to give Anna his blessing but he also whispered so very mysterious things to me and my friends. I didn’t really understand any of it. I think he’s been spending too much time indoors.

So all was well and everyone had gone to bed. The Abbot was patrolling the hallway and found a maid dead outside Anna’s room. He barged in to find Cyrus fighting another assassin. Apparently she had tried to poison him and Anna in their sleep. Boy these people are relentless. Cyrus almost had her beat but she managed to disappear in a puff of smoke. What a night!

Devil's Dance
Love Bites [So do I]

The assaulted party attendees were difficult to wake up and provided us with little information as to whom their assailants were. Small woodland mammal costumes are both specific and very vague but we can only work with the information we receive.

My fox costume was to die for. Every stitch was perfect, every gem shined with a glow so brilliant that the gods would wish to gaze upon them. I twirled around in the mirror to get a full view of what would be the vision as I would be glided along the dance floor. I stepped out to meet my compatriots only to find I would not, however, be the most glistening being at the party as Cyrus was barely wearing a costume at all and was absolutely covered in oil. I couldn’t help but giggle at the ridiculous state the barbarian was in. Shaved and oiled like some rich nobles manservant.

What was before a fairly common noble main hall was now a gaudy display of illusionary magic. Apparently, our selection of animal costumes was well placed as we entered a beautiful forest. The floor was grass and a canopy of leaves coated the ceiling. Animals scurried about, and a river flowed through with tables like stepping stones. Milah climbed a nearby tree which I found mentally puzzling. We split up to search the various venues to best get the lay of the area. I kept to the main hall as I expected that would require the most edict, interacting with the local nobility. I spoke with a squirrel and saw a shrew but neither seemed to be the people we were looking for. From there, it was time to meet with the rest of the group at the punch bowl. Lamont and Thomas didn’t arrive so we began to search for them assuming the worst. Fortunately, we both found them and uncovered a man who brought new costumes for the assailants and after a quick in-terror-gation, we would learn what those were. We returned to the main hall for Anna’s entrance.

She was dressed as a nymph of the spring and each of her friends entered wearing each of the other seasons. Her mother gave a speech and with that, the true festivities began. It was impossible to view any one specific costume from our locations so again we split up some to get better vantage points. Dancing seemed like a good way to interact with the guests and move about the hall. I danced with many, most of which were either okay or reasonable dancers, I even made a contact for some arms to help with our mission, but it wasn’t until the black feathered man asked me to dance did I truly find a partner worth my time. It was clear that he meant harm merely by the look in his eyes. Every move felt like a flow of energy, every slice only made me want to feel more. As I grasped with each of my spells I felt nothing but longing to touch his soft pale skin again. Our steps were displays of lust that only could be described by the greatest of bards. I could feel the heat off of his face as his mask fell to the ground damaged by my strikes. I wanted more of him. It was then that I knew I would need one last touch, and drained the rest of his being as my lips touched his. He kissed me back, confirming what we had; a true love that no one would ever understand. The darkest shade of love, deep red like the flow of blood coursing through our veins.

Barbarian Journal #2
Most wondefull day

What a wonderfull day. The sun is shinning, the birds are flying, to be shot down and Anna is having fun. This hunting time reminds me of home but less about needing to find something to eat, so we don’t starve to death and more about enjoying the warm outdoors with nice people. Anna is so amazing. Who knew she could such a good shot and she is so nice to me. We talk, we laugh, we hunted. I can’t imagin a more amazing day. She told me about her dreams and hopes and her plans. And she asked me about my life in the north and what I like to eat and do for fun. She is so nice! I don’t think anyone has taken such an interest in me, in this way, ever in my life. Mostly people run me out of town after the fires but luckily that hasn’t happened yet.

The Boar hunt is going well too. So much game down south compared to the mountains. I remember taking a week to hunt down a bear for food and only getting a few racoons. Boars seem so plentiful and big here. We lined up for the next rush of Boars to come at us. Abbot Nials was by my side and was talking something about Anna but I don’t understand. I think he was saying that he wanted more time with Anna because he was jell-us of how well things are going for me and her. We are getting along so well. I think I hit close to the mark because he stormed off in a huff when I asked him about it. That abbot is very confusing and I got a bit distracted by his words. Good thing kitty was there to jump on the boar that was charging me.

While I finished of the boar the kitty attacked one of Anna’s brothers missed a boar and it came at Anna full charge. Vessy unleashed a devastating scorching ray attack but didn’t seem to stop it. Good thing Lamont was there to boar hug. He managed to redirect it past everyone and it ran off into the wood. I was so afraid for Anna. I need to be more careful and not leave her side again. I rushed over to see if Anna is okay.

As we were walking in the woods we heard some large nosies and got attacked by large frog like monsters. I over heard the huntmaster talking about this monsters earlier in the day and he said they were no big threat because they don’t hunt in packs. But he must not be a good huntmaster because they indeed do hunt in packs. 6 attached the rear of our group and they seem to be after our game because they killed a few of the nice people that carried the boars and birds we killed. Then everything went red again and before I knew it all the monsters were dead at our feet.

Anna has retreated up a tree and I am sure she helped with amazing shoots to bring down the beasts. She is so amazing. After I helped her out of the tree, the huntmaster suggested we go back to the river and start to head home. We were joined by a lot of people that seem to be happy to do all of the boring and hard work. Anna was joined by some friends and they were laughing and having fun. I decided to stand near by but not get to close to inter fear with her fun with the friends.

After some time the abbot was going to do a security sweep of the boat and I went along with him. But as soon as we got to one end of the ship there was something going on with Anna’s group. Kitty found something in the food and all the nice people bringing food to us, started to panic. Kitty, the Abbot and I rushed to the food place to see what was going on. Kitty darted into a room to follow someone and the abbot and I tried to trap that someone in the next room. Kitty said there was a splash but there was no one there. The abbot told the food people that Kitty is staying to make sure the food was good for Anna to eat. Every time I leave Anna’s side, something goes wrong. I need to stay by her to make sure she is safe.

We made it back to the city, without too much trouble and we were off to get into our costumes for the “Ball”. Not sure how we will all fit into a ball but a lot of strange things have happened since I got to this city. The abbot and Vessy cornered me and explained that Anna had eyes for me and wanted to make me her mate. They also explained how this would be bad for us and our plans. I was in over my head and the abbot told me to be less fleshy with my muscles but that was unpossible because my costume doesn’t have any sleeves and I am all muscles. So the plan is for me to not be alone with Anna. I hope this works, I don’t want to screw things up again but I need to keep Anna safe.

Hunters and Fae

8th of Arcanieum, 998th year of the Imperial Calendar

I feel like I have made some progress in spreading the word of Arma here at Lamont’s manse. I had an opportunity to aid Iryani. She had been cursed in the catacombs, and it was my job to aid her. Naturally this aid came with a talk about Arma, and despite her lack of faith, she was eventually healed. She seemed somewhat put off though, perhaps I mess, no no I’m probably just reading too much into things.

We then reunited with the party, in order to deal with some sort of fae assassin creature. Apparently they had engaged in some shenanigans in the fae, and escaped with this thing in tow. Armed with some cold iron we entered the warehouse that it called home. By Arma’s balls did we run with our tails between our legs. It attempted to persuade us to leave, and in our hubris we forged on. In one spell we all took grievous injury and taking our petrified companions ran for our lives. As much as I loathed it, we had to turn to that corpse fondler to aid our companions. I haven’t seen him do anything wrong yet, but one never knows with necromancers.

We then got rooms in town as we had a protection job the next day to gain favor with a lord to aid in replacing the justicars.

9th of Arcanieum, 998 Imperial

Hunting trip is going ok so far, except the daughter seems set on Cyrus. Illegitimate children must be avoided, lineage must be maintained.


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